Month: March 2017

Being Born Again

Nicodemus, an influential Pharisee and a ruler of the Sanhedrin, asked Jesus this question, “How can a man be born when he is old?”  Jesus responded in John 3:7 by saying, “Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must… Read More ›

Make Haste O' Nations

“O’ ye nations your lives are in peril. The people of God shall have everlasting peace. Make haste O’ nations for the wrath of He who created all things shall pour down like the flood waters of the Nile. Speak… Read More ›

Training A Child's Heart

A little boy was riding around and around the block on his tricycle. Somebody said, “Son what are you doing?” He said, “I am running away from home.” The man said, “But you’re just going around and around the block.”… Read More ›

Embracing Change

One thing about life as we know it here on earth that will never change is that change will happen! Life changes ~ daily sometimes or so it seems. As we get older our priorities change as our circumstances alter… Read More ›

Celebrate the Difference

taken from a message given by Adrian Rogers A hammer and a screwdriver are different tools designed for different jobs. Is the hammer better than the screwdriver? No. Is a screwdriver better than a hammer? Of course not! Can you… Read More ›

God's Amazing Grace

We are saved by God’s amazing grace. It is nothing that we do. He does it all. Romans 3:24 says, “Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” If you come to God as… Read More ›

Yielding To Christ

Get this down big, plain, and straight. It is not your ability that counts when it comes to getting victory. It is also not your responsibility. It is your response to His ability. You must choose. You can’t do it… Read More ›

Burning For God

Major Ian Thomas was a friend of mine and a great Bible teacher. He imagined Moses saying something like this when he saw the burning bush in the wilderness: “Would you look at that bush? It just keeps on burning… Read More ›

What Is Salvation?

First, let me tell you what salvation is not. It is not a creed, a code, a cause, or a church. Salvation is not a creed. I hear people say, “Well, I believe the plan of salvation.” And my response?… Read More ›