Stay Out Of Grandma’s Kitchen

My grandmother was a home economics major in college. When she married my grandfather, he told her, “I’ll get you a maid, or whatever you need, but don’t ask me to cook anything.” I don’t think my grandpa ever even boiled water.

Grandma had a maid who did housework. Marie came in five days a week. While Marie did housework Grandma spent most of her day cooking and baking. She could cook like only a grandma can. My family and my grandpa were beneficiaries of her kitchen skills. In fact Grandpa enjoyed a freshly made-from-scratch desert every night at supper. No one, to this day, has ever baked a better apple, cherry or rhubarb pie like the ones my grandma made (all from scratch, of course).

Grandma had one unwritten rule, and we all knew what it was: “Stay out of my kitchen.” That was her domain. She was the queen, and she didn’t want anyone to hang out in there.  My brother and I often had to pass through the kitchen on our way out to play, but it was always a fast trip.

This is a wonderful article by Steve Sawyer over at …all for God’s Glory. We should not ever try to accomplish anything on our own without God. Our 110% does not even begin to compare with God’s hand upon us in all we do. Open the door wide, and let Him in!

To finish reading this article, please visit Steve over at Registered & Protected

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  1. Thank you so much for rebloging this post. I appreciate your interest and encouragement.

  2. What an honor to be chosen for this blog. Thank you and praise God. My only goal is to spread the word of the Gospel to as many people as possible. You have helped spread this word.

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