Can We Be Christlike?

We are commanded to be like Christ.  We must imitate him and be conformed to his image; we must “put on” Christ.  These are New Testament directives.  But we will never really become exactly like him.  So what is the goal? I use artificial sweetener in my tea.  It’s not the same as sugar, but I have tried and failed to drink unsweetened tea.  Diet pop, Mrs. Dash and Smart Balance butter-flavored whatever that is are all examples of products made to imitate the real thing.  While we endeavor to become like Christ…

This is a great article by Clark Bunch over at The Master’s Table. We all need to be working on our walk with Christ, and giving ourselves to Him. To read more about this wonderful process, please head on over to, Registered & Protected

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  1. “…inspiring words from today’s best Christian authors.”

    I’m going to use that, and site this blog as a source. Well, maybe not, but thanks for the linkage. Duly noted.

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