The One Question Everyone Needs To Answer Everyday

Like that terribly cheesy Toby Keith country song, sometimes I feel, “I’m not as good as I once was.”…spiritually speaking of course.

On a personal level, I feel less passionate, less bold, less “holy” than what I used to be as a freshmen in college. I hope that’s a sign of God’s grace. I’m encouraged by the testimony of older saints who confess a greater brokenness over sin as age advances. I’m encouraged by the testimony of the Apostle Paul who was the self-professed “least of all the apostles” early in ministry (1 Cor 15:9), then was the “least of all God’s people” in mid ministry (Eph 3:8), and finally claimed the “Chief of sinners” title as a broken old man writing to his spiritual son, Timothy (1 Tim 1:16).

It seems in the upside down paradoxical Kingdom of Heaven: The more one progresses in maturity, the more acutely aware of sin they become. Victory looks like a broken sinner, wholeness like a maimed saint (Matt 5:29-30). The greatest ones in the Kingdom will think the least of themselves.

This spurns two questions. The first is a simple one for most of my dear astute readers:

In one word what is the most important message UNbelievers need to hear?

I think we can agree what the apparent answer is: Gospel. (Gospel of JESUS to be specific, but that is three words)

The follow up question seems to lie under a veil of ambiguity for us.

In one word what is the most important message believers need to hear?

A diversity of answers may ensue here. Common ones may be discipleship, prayer, holiness, fellowship, evangelism, and missions. I say these are important, but cursory issues that flow out of one fundamental source.

This is another article by Bryan over at Chief of the least. This one he wrote! (the previous was a quote) This is a great read, mildly long (almost a thousand words) but very well worth the time to read. Bryan has a wonderful grasp on the Gospel and it’s meaning in relation to us God’s people.

To finish reading this article, please head over to,

While you are there, why not let Bryan know how much you liked his article and check out the rest of his site. Registered & Protected

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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