Of God and men

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Man designed the space shuttle, and it flew into space and serviced the space station and then landed back on earth like a huge airplane. I have to say that is a rather impressive feat.

God designed the Ark of Noah, and it traversed the earth while the earth was completely flooded…and it held inside two of each of all the animals of earth. That to me is even more impressive.

Many people are impressed with things that man has done or “created”, and rightly so. What mankind has managed to do is truly impressive. A lot of what has been done is way beyond me…how about you? However that being said true creating can only be done by God. Man makes things out of what is available to him on this earth.

Man figured out how to make many different types of metal, boy aren’t we clever. God made all the material we use to make these metals…and He knew we would make them before we did!

Thomas Edison created the light bulb, what a wonderful invention that gave us a readily useable light source. God created the sun in the sky to give us light, impressive huh?

Man designed and built the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, an engineering masterpiece!

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God created the Grand Canyon…what a masterpiece!!

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Man created a machine that uses high-pressure water capable of splitting rock if need be for well drilling. Water has also been used to cut steel…thick steel. God created the oceans and set their boundaries in place…umm wow.

What is the point of this you may be thinking….so glad you asked! Man has done some rather impressive things at least I think so! Has mankind (or womankind) created anything that totally impresses you?

Who created man I ask you? God did obviously. The point is; do not let yourself be overly impressed with what a man has done. Instead be impressed with what the Lord has done. Look all around you; the evidence of the Glory of the Lord is clearly visible to all. Who created the heavens? God did. Who created the earth and everything on and in it? God did.

Give God Almighty His due Glory and praise; worship Him always, each day. Do not worship at the altar of man; man did not make God, God made man.

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  1. Here’s something interesting..I know you’ll like this! The word create in Hebrew is bara, which means to make something out of nothing. Word make means to make something out of something. If you really really think about it, everything man makes is from something…even the unity between a man and a woman, when a child is made, that child comes from ‘something’ in the man, and ‘something’ in the woman…but without the spirit, which is created by God…it would not be a child. God is the only one who can ‘bara’ create! Man doesn’t realize just how dependent we are upon Him. Everything we’ve thought of..bridges, computers, technology, cars, etc. etc. God thought of first..in fact, I believe many of the things (and more..) that we have here, are in heaven…. God gave man the ideas for these things, and some cases, Satan did…but God allowed Satan to give mankind some of the ideas so that prophecy would be fulfilled. Great article! Love ya!

  2. The Lord gave me this message, and He has told me to share it. From time to time, He does things like this to me! Please reveiw the message and pray over it, and then pass it on…thank you, and God bless you! http://lynleahz.com/2012/07/01/an-urgent-prophetic-warning-from-god-given-me-june-29-2012/

  3. What truly impresses me right now, Brother Greg, is how our awesome God created man with all the internal equipment needed to design and build space shuttles, suspension bridges, light bulbs, and computers that “talk” around the world via communication satellites. What an awesome God to love hils children so very much as to instill all these abilities in us, so that we may rejoice together with Our Heavenly Father in so many creative wonders! True spiritual fellowship we can only properly experience as we worship Him with never-ending praise! Thank you for this terriffic post!

  4. Thought you might like this one http://lynleahz.com/2012/07/03/father-forgive-me/ God bless you! Love you and your family in Christ…night night!

  5. Hope you’ve been doing well…you’ve been quiet today. Hugs to you and your wife and family! Whenever you feel up to it, and if you’re interested, I just made a post of another excerpt from my trilogy; book two, soul collector. Enjoy (hopefully! LOL!)

  6. Were you talking to me just now? Or that weird guy? I’m confused. I believe in the Trinity…the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit..Jesus is God in the flesh..the word of God…and then there’s the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. ANd God the head. Wasn’t sure if your message was meant for me or for that weird guy who made no sense… could you please specify? Thanks 😉


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