Knowing God (Part One)

One of my regular readers and commenters asked me if I could calculate how much of my knowing God has to do with bible knowledge and how much has been through personal experience. I had to think about it, but I decided that eighty-eight percent of my knowing God has been subjective, experiential, and due to feeling, sensing God, and communing with God; the remaining twelve percent has been through the word of God, the bible.

Experiencing God, for me, has been through a variety of incidences from nearly three years old, up to now. These various situations and crisis’ taught me who God is and I began to know Him and a get a real gist and “feel for Him” over time. Though I experienced a kind of sense of God and saw Him in action in my life, I did not actually start to realize God until I decided to accept, believe, and turn to Him.

This is the first in a series about knowing God written by the warrioress over at life of a female bible warrior. This a great article about knowing God, not of Him but rather knowing Him personally.

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  1. Wow..thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the writing! God bless you. 🙂

  2. I would have to agree that most of my ‘knowing God’ is due to the REALITY of the experience with Him, but really I’m not sure the two can be separated. My experience with Him proves the Word and the Word proves the experience.

    I had a very dramatic conversion experience, in which God stepped into my life, basically uninvited, and changed my life completely. Within a few days, He had given me absolute certainty of both Himself and His Word. His Word became my food and He proved Himself as I acted on His Word.

    Surely, the two are one and the same, but I guess the bottom line is that my experience with the living triune God is something that cannot be denied (but then neither can His Word) . . . ??? . . . “I believe God!” Acts 27:25

    • Very true, I don’t believe they can be separated. To know God is to know His Word, but I believe many know the Word, and yet they do not know God, or do not know Him well.

      • Yes, there are many who can quote Scripture but who show no sign of knowing God. The Scripture becomes on the same level as any other writing, and often used (twisted or out of context) to support their own wrong beliefs. Many cultists know the Scriptures (or at least parts of Scripture) but do not know the living Christ. In fact, there are atheists who quote Scripture (again out of context) to deny the existence of God or to ridicule belief in Him.

        However, when the question is directed at a believer, I believe the Word becomes what it truly is: the written Word of the living God and cannot be separated. I doubt it is possible to believe one and not the another. They are one and the same. Having said that, I also see how . . . early in the Christian life . . . one can have more effect than the other.

  3. To claim to be Christian but not religious is somewhat of an oxymoron, as the only possible way to know anything about the Christian god is through the bible; a compilation of books, cleverly redacted and put together by the church. One of those initially responsible was Eusebius, He was an Arian and his church history is well worth reading, especially his views concerning doctrine and history.

    • Actually it is not, I am a Believer but am not religious. To be religious is to be caught up in the pomp and ceremony of a particular denomination. I guess it all depends on your definition of “religious”. I am a follower of Christ, not of any particular denomination. As for the Word of God…it speaks for itself, it is of God.
      I was wondering when you would show up Ark! I know you don’t believe so one has to wonder why you spend so much time on all these sites that are run by Believers? You know an awful lot about church history for one who does not believe, odd don’t you think?

      • Odd? No, not really. I find the whole history of religion fascinating and the more I understand the more I realise how fallacious the whole thing truly is.
        It matters not that you do not consider yourself religious because , without the bible and more crucially without the church (and the catholic church to boot) you would have no religion to eschew in the first place.
        And for the record, no matter how much you stamp your foot-Christianity is a religion.

  4. Writinggomer, agreed. It is dangerous to attempt to know God outside of His Word. Our minds cannot grasp what He may intend for us in any situation aside from the Word. Peter said it best; “but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty…we ourselves heard this very voice borne from heaven…And we have something more sure [than that], the prophetic word, to which you will do well to pay attention.” 2 Pet 1:16-19


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