Has Intelligent Design Helped Science?

While there are often many denials of Intelligent Design being “science” in any significant way, I would like to focus on only one of the arguments that I hear offered somewhat regularly. That is, that ID is a “science stopper” and hinders scientific progress. If only one instance of scientific progress can be attributed to ID, this claim is rendered false.While it seems to me that many of the “ID is not science” arguments are built on a foundation of hyper-skepticism, this argument seems particularly fallacious given that there is at least one very important example of how ID has actually advanced scientific progress.

“How is that?” you might ask. Well, as with many things related to ID, the answer revolves around DNA and the information contained within the DNA structure. It is the contention of the neo-Darwinian advocate that DNA does not have an intelligent source and was developed over a period of millions of years by unguided, natural processes.

This is a great article about Intelligent Design and how it relates to the advancement of science, written by Daniel from Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. It seems to me that the more science advances and uncovers new knowledge, the more it (science) proves the relevance and truth of the Bible. It is not that science apposes the Word of God, it is that people of science appose God’s Word.
To finish reading this article, please head over to http://luke-ten27.blogspot.com/2012/09/has-intelligent-design-helped-science.html While you are there,why not check out the rest of Daniel’s site, let him know something he wrote blessed you.

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