Continuing temptation – Continuing sin!!

Well – looking at it from a purely human aspect ‘temptation’  has been around for years and years from creation really and it will continue to plague us until Jesus comes again – pretty sad turn of events I’d say but one which we as Christians have to come to terms.
What is so good and comforting to realise again is that Jesus Himself was tempted as we are – WOW that is a comforting thought  that the very Son of God – Jesus – Pure Man and Pure God was not immune from Satan’s efforts to have Him sin.
Another comforting thought that springs to mind is that being tempted is not the sin – we are all tempted – every one of us and probably every day – the SIN part comes when we actually yield or give in to the temptations.
Experts tell us that we have approximately 5 seconds from the first inclination of sinning – or when temptation strikes to turn away from temptation – FIVE SECONDS – not a lot of time – but time enough to decide “will I or won’t I” – the decision is up to you and me to make.
Jesus although tempted as we are did not sin – pretty amazing when you consider. We have a problem in that we think of Jesus as holy and able to avoid temptation – that’s true BUT He was also a man and suffered from  all temptations  known to common man – pretty gobsmacking thought that!!
Here was Jesus – the God/man – sent from the Father but also coming under the very temptation known to common man- you and me.
I must admit that the thought of that is somehow comforting to know that our own dear Saviour that died to take away my sins – suffered the very same temptations that I do – How miraculous is that!!
Temptation can be very nasty indeed –  it is a cruel and devious foe we are facing when we are faced with temptation – Jesus stood foot to foot – toe to toe with the same enemy we face – yet did not sin!
Okay then let’s look to to Jesus – He has taken the load for us.
We can travel along or follow along the very steps that He took – If we look hard we may even see his blood stained steps that he took to win our freedom and the power to overcome temptation.
Man, what a saviour!! And He did it all for us – If He hadn’t then we would be like the un-saved – unable to overcome temptation.
Oh Yes they can try with all the ‘self-help’ seminars – the psych sessions the one-on-one counselling but nothing will really help without the the blood stained cross, the pierced side, the agony and death of our Lord Jesus Christ on that terrible but beautiful cross.
Of course the amazing and awesome resurrection of the Lord was the clincher – the very fact that he overcame death and is right now seated on the right hand side of the Father interceding for us is, well to truthful, utterly incredible!
Jesus was a man! and as a man endured  heaps of temptations yet did not sin.
Then it only stands to reason that in HIS POWER and His power alone, the members of his family – you and me – may cease to sin and have power over temptation – awesome isn’t it.
Remember there is no sin in ‘being tempted’ – the sin is ‘yielding’ to that temptation’.
Jesus as the Head triumphed over temptation – we as members of His body share in that awesome victory! Our place of sure safety is only found wrapped in the arms of our Saviour – Christ is with us armed for our defence.
We are the tempted ones now – all we can do is throw ourselves into the arms of the tempted Jesus our Saviour and our Lord.
The chain has broken – the shackles are gone – we are free – claim the victory through the one who broke them!
God does not promise the same help for those who don’t know Him however.
Until we repent of our sin and accept Jesus as Lord of our life and hand over to Him 100% we have no capacity to please God or to overcome addiction to temptation.
But those who are saved may claim the power and wisdom of Jesus relying on God’s Grace to have the victory even over Satan’s most dastardly, subtle and compelling temptations. Registered & Protected

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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