What!! Bad news!! OH NO! – BUT wait……

Last time we looked at two of the minor Prophets and at the messages they brought to the people of long ago and how that message is still relevant today.
Today we tackle two more Zephaniah and Haggai.
Ever felt like things are way out of control??  The world and those in it are spiraling, so it seems, head first downwards – and sadly it seems are we!
The lines between right and wrong are pretty blurred – leaders can be corrupted – we become discouraged.
It seems we so easily fall into sin and our faith at times not only seems small but minuscule!!
This was the very type of situation that Zephaniah the prophet found himself – stuck in the reign of two evil kings Manasseh and Amon, He found himself at last with a King that feared the Lord.
King Josiah was a well intentioned and godly guy – but with all his reforms most of the leaders in the city were corrupt and idolatry was widespread.
Zephaniah wrote to the people warning them of the impending judgement of their sins – sound familiar?
He had bad news and good news.
Bad news:- “If you don’t turn away from your sins you can expect nothing from God – You can be justly terrified to meet Him.”
Good news:- ” Turn from your sins – confess them to God.  God is Just and Holy.”

Guess what!! Yep, that age-old message to repent and turn from our sins is still so so relevant today.
We have to come to the cross of Jesus – There is room there for everyone – not matter what you have done, where you have been or who you have been with!
We need to ask forgiveness and claim the promise of God that who ever comes to Him he will not throw away.
All sin will be accounted for either at the cross of Christ or at the throne of God! I know which one I chose!
The spectre of sin remains but it it has absolutely no dominion over us it is like a broken-backed snake – still dangerous but a fallen foe unable to defeat us.
How precious is the blood of Jesus to us – He rose again to ensure our salvation – he stands between us and the Father’s wrath.
Pretty awesome even stunning. It blows me away when I think of the cross and what Jesus did for me.
It astounds me and bewilders me sometimes that He gave everything – and for me! -Me who was so far buried in a pile of garbage when He found me and yet He loves me anyway.
So Zephaniah’s message – bad news then good news is still around today – when you think of the evil in the world today, it’s so easy to become discouraged.
But the good news is that God knows our troubles – He died for you, His love is never ending – His grace is staggering and His mercies never fail.
Come back to Him today.
Haggai with his message of counting the cost is amazing.
Haggai was sent by the Persian King to rebuild the temple – and he did what the Lord commanded.
Interestingly though -opposition to the rebuilding stopped the work BUT it certainly didn’t detract from the important work that Haggai was sent to do.
He was willing to go!!
How are you at doing what God commands? Haggai’s willingness to go is a challenging reminder to us that we must take inventory of our lives and order our priorities to reflect what Gods want us to do.
What does the way you spend your time reveal about your priorities?
Remember God is not some co-pilot – or backup in case we can’t handle things on our own.
God is the pilot – the one in the drivers seat.
We don’t have to stress and strive to do things – God is there to protect, shelter and ward off anything this old world throws at us.
Don’t ever feel discouraged and complacent in your spiritual life – Don’t get into the spiritual doldrums.
Meet the problems head on – Give God the Glory in everything. When things seemingly get out of control – we can say with those who have gone before – Our God is able – He will meet our needs – He will never let us go – Keep our eyes focused on Him.
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4 replies

  1. Great article Bruce, thank God that He is always there, always willing to forgive. If He was anything like me…we would be in serious trouble.

    • Oh Mate! I agree so much – forgiveness is something I had to tackle for years until God finally got thru to me – Praise God He forgave me – what a giant mess i was in!
      Goes to show we should never give up in Him he never gives up on us.
      TY for the comment – God bless you man..

  2. When I think of ‘bad news – good news’ I automatically think of Ephesians 2. In verses 1-3 we get the bad news: we are all spiritually dead, completely unable to do anything about it and unable to even fight against it. We are compelled to walk the devil’s ways. We are guilty, condemned, without excuse and utterly hopeless!
    But then comes the good news in verse 4 “BUT GOD . . .” What a difference those words make! “But God . . .” What joy they bring! When God steps into the life, He changes us. He moves us from the world of darkness to His kingdom of light, where we enjoy the abundance of His blessings.
    What an amazing God!

    • Thank you for your comment – I love those words in the Bible “Therefore” and “But” – they seem to go hand in hand with God – How amazing is the Good News of our Heavenly Father – Thank you again

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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