I have graven you on my hands

Jesus adores you – more than just love – He adores you!
How amazing is that? – Jesus was ‘in the beginning’ before time began – He was there with the Father at creation and He adores you!

When you think of how vast is the universe – It is immeasurable, huge, colossal, Gigantic, limitless and we are still finding out more and more about this amazing creation – and Jesus adores you!
The universe is only a drop in the bucket when compared to the Father – so our little minds can see the immensity of the universe and it’s jaw-dropping size so…
When we compare that to God the Father, Jesus the Son and God the Holy Spirit – well honestly it seems it is far beyond my feeble mind to take his vastness in – and Jesus adores you!
And yet even when we look at this vast array – the diamond studded heavens – The huge whales cavorting and playing in the endless oceans – a new born miracle – the “WOW” factor kicks in – and yet we still disbelieve – and Jesus adores you!
UNBELIEF – what a strange thing it is! Sometimes I don’t know what to wonder at – the faithfulness of God or the unbelief of His people!
He keeps His promises time and time again and yet at the very first time of trial we doubt Him. And Jesus still adores you!
In revelation 7:11-12 it says that ten thousand times ten thousand angels stand around His throne and fall on their faces toward Him in worship.
If angels do that can you imagine what we will do??
The sheer fact we will come face to face with the Almighty God – Creator of this amazing universe is a total mind blowing fact – I know everyone will be so awestruck that we will all fall flat on the ground before Him!
He is not like the sun – he doesn’t ‘set’ and go away for the night – He is not a passing meteor shooting past us – here one minute and gone the next or some elusive vapour-like ghost passing through walls and never seen again.
And yet we are often perplexed with anxieties, suspicions, fears, doubts, unbelief, anger and of the course the ‘why me’ question as if He were some mirage in the desert. – And yet Jesus still adores you!
God says to us – that “we are graven on the palms of His hands” (Isaiah 49:16) – it doesn’t say our name is graven on His hands but that ‘WE’, us personally are graven on His hands – NOW that is amazing!!

Yep – you and I are there but it is more than that…
He has graven us, our image, our wants, our needs, our innermost thoughts, our weaknesses, our circumstances even our sins, doubts and unbelief on His palms.
He has written everything about us – everything that concerns us – all our worries and trials – all our joys and happiness.
How can we ever say that He would forsake us and forget us – he loves us – and adores us – we are written on His palms.
Jesus adores us so much that he gave His life for us – how much more love can one person have – Jesus all God yet all man – incredible!
He took our sins that awful/ beautiful day and nailed them to the cross – killed ’em stone dead – forever!
Jesus paid that horrible cost and we get to be forgiven. On that terrible day He did what only He could do and we get to reap that reward.
All we have to do is accept His perfect gift offered by the perfect son of God.
Jesus, the only sinless one that could take that sin-burden away from us and throw them into the deepest abyss never to be head of again.
Psalm 103;12 says – “As far as the east is from the west – so far has He removed our transgressions from us”
We will never see them again – gone and as far as God is concerned never to be remembered again.
That is so mind-blowing – Come to Christ today – don’t delay – He adores you!
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4 replies

  1. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that we are loved, loved by a perfect God no matter what we have done.

  2. Thank you again Greg – and isn’t it the truth – How gracious is our God – When I think of how many times I have turned away – makes me sad but so grateful.

  3. Thank you so much for your link – Our God is so forgiving and just as well I hate to think what would have become of me – Praise His Holy name


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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