Can Christ be Tested out in Practice? – my story

At Easter 1985 I went to a J John evangelism talk. J John said that you could take the Bible, assume it is true and act on that assumption. Test it out for six months or so, believing it completely during that time, and then you could look back and see whether it had made a difference to you. I decided to give it a go for myself.

I got a Bible and highlighted it in different colours. One colour highlighted practical instructions – these being the things I now needed to do, and then a different colour for the blessing which should follow that particular action. I found out quite soon that a lot of the Bible is written in this ‘IF you do this, then THAT will happen’ style, which is quite easy to test out in this way.

I checked things out for myself in the Bible since that is the source text although I also read Christian books as well as the Bible.

This was a great article written by Ambling Saint from Ambling Saint. The title says it all really, can Christ be tested out, can the Bible be put to the test to see if what it says is real?

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  1. I think all the promises of God are “If . . . then” whether actually spelled out or inferred. I hadn’t thought about His commands as having a “then” but, thinking about it, I’m sure they do. I’m off to have a read of the post. Thanks.


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