The Power In The Truth

By Neil Anderson

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 John 3:21 
He who practices the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.
Satan’s first and foremost strategy is deception. As long as Satan’s influence in a person’s life remains undetected, he is content to lie low and not show his hand. Like a snake in the grass, he quietly sneaks up on his prey and squeezes the life out of it.
But when you confront Satan’s deception and expose his lies with the truth, his strategy changes from stealth to a pretense of power. He becomes the roaring lion that Peter warned about (1 Peter 5:8). The procedure that most Christian counselors follow in dealing with people in whom demonic strongholds have been exposed is to challenge the spirit to manifest itself, and then to cast it out. Inevitably there is a power struggle which can provoke the victim to either lapse into a catatonic state, become generally disoriented, or run out of the room. I’ve seen people get physically injured during such confrontations. This procedure can potentially create more harm than help, especially for the novice.
We must avoid buying into Satan’s second strategy of power as much as we avoid swallowing his first strategy of deception. It isn’t power per se that sets the captive free; it’s truth (John 8:32). The power of the Christian is in the truth; the power of Satan is in the lie. To the Satanist, power is everything, but power is only effective in the darkness. The Christian is to pursue the truth because power and authority are already inherent in him. Truth is what makes an encounter with Satan effective. Satan’s demonstration of power (which is also deceptive because his power has actually been broken by the cross) is intended to provoke a fear response. When fear is controlling a believer, the Spirit of God is not, and Satan has the upper hand. Fear of the enemy and faith in God are mutually exclusive. 
Lord, I pray that Your presence will be manifested in my life today that Your name may be glorified in the world.
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