Let The Conversation Begin: The Rebirth Of America

This is a terrific article written by a friend of mine who is an author on my other site The Olive Branch Report. For anyone concerned about the direction of this country this is a must read. The abuses of power by President Obama and the lackluster performance of Congress is inexcusable. The U.S. is on the brink of certain disaster even now. Public office these days is no longer about serving the people that put them there, it is about making deals, lining ones pockets with ill-gotten gains and amassing power and influence.

Spread this article around to everyone you know…and let the conversation begin!

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March the 8th, 2014

America Is Born
CREDIT: Moran, Percy, artist. “The Birth of Old Glory,” 1917.


The content of this commentary is deliberately intended to stimulate thought and discussion. Informational analysis comprising National Security of the United States of America, economic forces as a dimension to national security, culture, freedom in human rights, defense of the Rule of Law are considered within the framework of this commentary. The content is also intended to bring an educational dimension into view, as well as to sound the trumpet of warning to the church at-large of the coming assault, and to prepare God’s people for the same in accordance with Ezekiel 33: 7-9.


Trevor Loudon is a patriot to America more than some who were born and raised within the shores of the United States of America. A “kiwi” from Christchurch, New Zealand, Trevor Loudon is one of the world’s leading experts on the radical left, including those in America who have loyalties to Marxism. His writings and public presentations accomplish the job very few in the media ever even attempt; namely, exposing the anti-capitalists, anti-U.S. Constitutionalists, anti-America Democrats, Republican progressives, Socialists, most organized Labor and Environmentalists, and those who shout “Peace” while they go about attempting to dismantle the Constitutional Rule of Law, America’s founding principles and rich heritage, and the very freedoms that afford them the privilege to protest, shout, and disrupt in the first place!

A formidable researcher, Trevor Loudon spent over twenty-five years digging through copious book stacks and paper trails even in out-of-the-way libraries and back alley bookstores, reading mind-numbing journals, reports, the minutes and writings from conferences organized by various radical and subversive groups. He chased down little known manuscripts meant only for the eyes of those in the “movement” to dismantle all things America; including our Judeo/Christian foundation.

It was during a dinner that turned into a five hour meeting, this article was born. I want to make certain the credit for the model contained herein is given to Trevor Loudon. While Trevor and I massaged the idea you are about to read, and the two of us engaged in wonderful acts of critical thinking coupled with banter as how to make the hypothesis mentioned here spread across the public; to begin forming a national discussion on the subject-matter, the birth of this concept comes from the ever working mind of Trevor Loudon. I am humbled he asked me to put his idea into words and assist in spreading the message – a message of “America Reborn” by developing a Team of Leaders to lead America away from the dark and dangerous slope we are quickly sliding down.

So…thank you, Trevor, for this privilege to help create a national conversation that will prayerfully build momentum all across the American fruited plains; from every wonderfully rich and uniquely created region; from coast-to-coast and into the deserts of the Southwest, to the Rockies of the West and the beautiful Smoky Mountains in the Southeast; from the soothing warm beaches of Hawaii to the spectacular glaciers of Alaska; through the magnificent and mysterious bayou of Louisiana up to Bangor, Maine…let the conversations begin!


America is engaged in a Civil War, and it will surely intensify if we continue on the present path of destruction we have been traveling, especially these past five years. This Civil War is by and between two groups; those who are working diligently to bring about a Statist government and country shaped much similar to that of Europe, and those who are growing in desire to return our Nation to the principles in which we were birthed and developed unchallenged the first fifty or sixty years of our existence. Another group could be added by sweeping those who just want ALL shackles of propriety removed so they can do whatever they wish in any manner they want. Still a minority, this latter group is quite vocal and without hesitation to launch their behavior and acts of rebellion at a moment’s notice. The Statist’s are those whose ideology currently is most visible in numerous elected offices at the federal level regardless of political party, and who have every intention to impose their Socialist (and worse) political philosophies upon a nation never, ever, intended to host such horrible beliefs of population bondage and ruination. Heck, our Founders fought a war against such a tyrannical mind-set.

So did another giant in our country’s history…Abraham Lincoln. As Mr. Lincoln was preparing to leave Springfield, Illinois for Washington three days earlier on February 8th, 1861, seven seceding states meeting in Montgomery, Alabama, adopted another constitution and named Jefferson Davis president of their confederated states. Mr. Lincoln fully grasped the significance of his words: “A house divided cannot stand.” He fully realized he was assuming the presidency of a country under threat of being annihilated; shredded and destroyed from the principles our Founders fought to establish, and gave their every measure to build a nation unique and exceptional; a country where the people influenced government, and not the government and a few ideologues dictating to the people.

Mr. Lincoln also recognized there may come a time when, WE THE PEOPLE may be forced to take such collected action to defend and preserve the very land on which we walk. The Declaration of Independence was not merely a formal theory of rights in Lincoln’s eyes, but an instrument of democracy.

I listened as Trevor put forth his idea; not a definitive plan, an idea. Trevor and I began a conversation over a plan that is clearly outside the box of conventional thinking, but then again these are not conventional times, and I think Mr. Lincoln, if he were with us that evening at the dinner table, would soundly agree.

It is time WE THE PEOPLE take back our beloved country from those who mean us harm; who have no respect for the ideals and principles that made America exceptional, and the envy of tens of millions around the globe; American freedoms and structure that has even allowed those now trying to ruin this Nation the opportunities in the first place to sit in positions of power and authority which they have used so corruptly for their own benefit, and to implement their own radical anti-American ideological agenda.

We need to bring forth bold ideas embracing the original foundation and corner-stones laid by the Founders; freedom from fear of a centralized tyrannical government; limited government and return to local home rule; promotion of the individual and of business and industry, of commerce and trade. Tap the natural resources our country has been so blessed to have received, eliminate energy dependency on other nations, especially those who intend to do us harm. Promote sound education and technological advances that made us the envy of the world, and caused many of our enemies to send their kids to America in the first place for educational and technological instruction. Strip the myriad of federal regulations, policies, and rules intended to stifle business, and we as a sovereign people. Embrace the inalienable rights of a free people formed in the image of God free to worship, or not, as we choose WITHOUT the imposition of beliefs by others, or attempting to kidnap our judicial system, our culture, our beliefs and values as a society and as a nation! It is time to bring forth bold ideas by beginning a nation-wide conversation, and enjoying thinking outside the box for a change, rather than being dictated to by career politicians and power brokers telling us critical thinking is not acceptable; that they know what’s best for us, and just leave the decision-making to them. It is time for us to tell the political power brokers in both parties that they no longer are acceptable!

Let’s put together a TEAM OF LEADERS FOR THE REBIRTH OF AMERICA! Let us begin now to reach-out to the conservative wing of the Republican Party, to the Tea Party itself including dimensions within the Tea Party. Let us reach-out and invite Evangelical Christians into this discussion, and a growing number of Constitutional Patriot groups. Let us, all who care deeply about the direction our country is headed, come together and begin thinking outside the box with a conversation that will rock the nation and the Statists and Marxists who intend to eliminate any and all conversation.

Are you ready to demand leadership that places the national interest above personal ambition? Are you ready to stop the Washington and Belt-way insiders from choosing the nominee? Are you ready to stop the Washington and Belt-way insiders and special interest groups from choosing the cabinet? Are you ready to push back the “conventional wisdom” of the Left?

Are you ready to begin the conversation? Here goes:

FOR PRESIDENT: Senator Ted Cruz

FOR VICE PRESIDENT: Former Congressman Allen West

SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY: Senator Rand Paul – Carte Blanche on the IRS!

SECRETARY OF ENERGY: Former Governor Sarah Palin – Drill Baby Drill!

SECRETARY OF LABOR: Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin – Right to work nationwide!

SECRETARY OF COMMERCE: Herman Cain – Deregulate, deregulate, deregulate!

SECRETARY OF STATE: Former Ambassador John Bolton – Strengthen our relationship with allies and put our enemies on notice that we shall not be held hostage by their aggression!

AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS: NO ONE…NOPE…NOT HAPPENING. We are finished with that Marxist hotbed of universal control and meddling!


SECRETARY OF EDUCATION: David Barton – Home Schooling Protected…Common Core, GONE…quality based education, RETURNED!

SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR: Senator Mike Lee of Utah – Open the Federal Lands back to the people and the states!


This team is announced sooner than later; the team begins traveling our country (not as a group) discussing a coordinated and well thought-out platform to bring America back to the shining light on the hill we once were, and this program is shared with the people, now and often! The citizens get the opportunity to ask away of each member on the team; to bring forward their concerns and wait for the answers from that team member, or combination of team members, that will rid you of your worry. STOP the political dialogue! STOP the political power broker scripted talking points! Each team member must also lay-out in writing a simple, easy to understand, method they will use in their area of responsibility on how they intend to help reduce government size, promote private citizens and enterprise, and help propel our Nation back to greatness and strength.

Selected members of Congress who already have demonstrated shared beliefs as briefly outlined will be tasked to advise this team, and will be free to share with the citizens their views and how well they were received. No longer, will the Executive Branch Departments of Government be allowed to run rogue over the many, including the People’s Representatives – the Congress!

Another giant in our Nation’s history put together a team, a couple of times as a matter of fact: George Washington knew a thing or two about bringing a team together to protect and serve the people; to act as a watchman so, a-centralized all-powerful federal government could not get away with what we are seeing before our eyes in the present. How President Washington and the other Founders would be appalled at the current sight of what had been their gift to us. They gave us a Republic if we would only keep it. The Republic has been all but taken from us. We either stand once again for freedom or fall for slavery; bondage in every sense, save the chains and shackles, and President Washington would agree I am quite certain.

I also am assured President Washington, who faced terribly serious challenges in his day, and developed a team comprised of Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, among others, proved that moving a nation into greatness requires a team of talented and selfless individuals willing to place country first, resume and future elections second. Today we need a team who can guide America into a rebirth to the “shining light on the hill” greatness we all have known.

What Trevor Loudon began as a conversation with me needs to go much, much further! Our conversation now needs to be public. Our conversation now needs to begin a nation-wide discussion among all who sincerely care about the loss of our Nation. We do not need another debate. We need a serious conversation on how we intend to right the wrongs being forced on us as a people, and collapsing our beloved Nation. If you will not encourage this discussion, then who will? If you will not engage, yourself, in this discussion, then when will it occur? Begin now; we have very precious little time remaining, as we are being heinously pushed down a slippery slope of no return.


Lyle J. Rapacki, provides intelligence and threat assessment briefings to elected and law enforcement officials nationally, as well as security professionals on matters associated with Border Security and loss of sovereignty. He also writes articles for the Christian community through The Olive Branch Report.com.


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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