Don't worry – just pray


For years and years I have had a policy of worrying!!
I worry about just about everything – you name it – I will worry about it.

It drives my family bonkers to say the least. I would worry about the slightest things – the things that most people wouldn’t even think about.

When I was a child – and exams at school came around – I was almost prostrate with worry and anxiousness – with the result exam marks went down and school work suffered.

I worried about my job, my family even my health and even sleeping habits – can you believe it???

I tried everything from relaxing music to naturopathy to hypnotherapy – all to no avail – a lost cause a total write off.

But hey!! a little worry and anxiety can be good for you – it can prepare you for important issues like a job interview – it can keep the adrenaline pumping through to your heart and keep you alive and awake – ready to take on the world.

BUT…. excessive worriers like me react differently to the norm -we see things from different parallel to most and all it takes is a trigger to set us off.

Even thinking about a situation can cause chronic distress and disability. Excessive worrying or ongoing fear can cause some to become irrational so that people like me can’t focus on reality.They can think of nothing else but the anxiousness that they are feeling and have HUGE difficulties on shaking off their worries.

So how do we cope in situations like this? – I must admit it takes it out of you when the Constancy of on-going worry makes you unable to cope with the slightest problem and hiccup along life’s way.

Joyce Meyer once said – “Worry is like a rocking chair  – it’s always in motion but it never takes you anywhere” – How true that is – but when you are in the midst of your cycle of never-ending worry – how do you get out??

It wasn’t until I had an amazing turn of event that changed my life completely  – It made me see things from a different angle and made me aware of the awesomeness and righteousness of God – GOD IS ALIVE and willing to help us out of all our troubles – even this one – believe it or not!!!

When we worry – we actually do Satan’s job for him – we take the trust out the relationship with God and instead of ‘casting our cares upon Jesus’ we take the the burden of our worries upon ourselves and forget the trust angle all together.

We play straight into the hands of the Accuser whose main aim is to get us to to STOP trusting God and rely on ourselves. We need to trust God and to humble ourselves to His will – forget about ourselves and believe what he says and look to the example of Jesus in everything we do.

If we don’t humble ourselves and trust God then He can’t really help us – Our need of Him and total trust in Him must come from a humble and contrite heart. We still need to do what we can do and trust God for those things that we can’t do.

God has given us the amazing gift of life – don’t throw it in the curb because of worry and anxiousness. If you are stuck in the middle of the never-ending cycle of worry and there seemingly is no way out – why not give God’s way a chance.

We so need to stop putting ourselves in the drivers seat – stop snatching the wheel away from God and let Him take control. And what would make us do this? Only our desire to please Him and not ourselves. That’s what it means to ‘humble’ ourselves before God.

So where do you sit in the ‘worry’ scale? Are you like I was, burdened with anxiousness and worry – having just enough faith to have asked for forgiveness and received salvation in the first place but not walking daily with God – every hour – every moment?

God is amazingly and spectacularly faithful – what he says He will do – He said “I will never leave you” and he means it! All we need to do is to trust Him completely to do what he says.

Try it – I know His ways are best and true and in so doing you will be prepared for just about anything that comes along.

Of course we will continue to be concerned when life throws us a wobbly but with God on our side anxiousness, stress and constant worry have no real power in our lives.

Here is a link to good old song by Evie Tonquist – just about to sums it up I feel. Enjoy

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  1. Thank you for this article as it gives me hope. I was born worried and anxious it seems and it has destroyed my life until I have nothing and no one left. I’ve tried but have failed to overcome this. Disabled by worry and anxiety, paralyzed by worry and anxiety is how I describe how bad it is. It is comforting and encouraging to know that another believer has been in my shoes and is not like that anymore.

    • Thank you so much for sharing with me your anxiousness – I can certainly relate so well to that. I have found that being anxious and worried constantly cannot only lead to illness but we play straight into the plans of the Evil One. We have to trust that Gods ways are the best ways – only then when we truly trust can we finally find peace in our tumultuous lives. God bless you as you follow Him.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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