Do you like me rush around and get into your day, hardly thinking about just how amazing ‘the day’ actually is?
When you think about it here we are perched on a spinning giant ball hurtling through space at a rate of half a km every second – we are spinning at 1,675 km’s an hour.
That borders on the bizarre really – freakish even – when you actually take time to analyse it.
We are the only planet in this huge amazing cosmos that supports life – lunging through the atmosphere, circling a gigantic fiery planet big enough to fit 1.3 million ‘earths’ in it’s vastness at 108,000 km’s an hour.
That is totally  mind blowing – when you stop and actually think of our sun – it’s huge; amazing – spell binding – a fiery ball of gas and plasma which can blind us if we look at it for any length of time.
The sun is the very centre of the solar system and here we are hurtling around it at incredible speed and yet the very force of our spinning creating ‘gravity’ which keeps our feet on the ground. We don’t appear to be spinning and we feel we are on a firm footing and yet we are actually rushing at incredible speed.
You can’t possibly feel that all of this just happened to fall into place – the balance of the universe alone is enough to make God real in every sense.
The Bible says in Romans 1:20 that we have no excuse WHATEVER in not knowing God. – the whole creation screams at us of a Creator God –  God: awesome in power, majesty and might Our God that you can see in everything.
God has revealed Himself plainly in creation: he created you and me – we didn’t just evolve – we were created uniquely and divinely not just some accident in space spat out in an explosion of molten fluid and gases.
God created and we sinned – we were the ones who turned our backs on Him – He has always been the same and will be for eternity – This old world of ours will gradually teeter and spin out of control BUT God will remain – Yesterday, today and for eternity.
You have really got to to hear this! – God loves us – you and me – He sent His own Son to bear the punishment which should have been metered out to us – Our punishment – not His – Our sin – not His. He took our sins and killed them stone dead on that cross all those years ago.
Its totally and utterly crazy that God; the creator of this amazing spinning universe had His own son punished for us and why?
Because he loves us that much – The very God, the Creator God, the majestic God, the awesome God, loves you; actually LOVES you.
He loves us and wants desperately to have a personal relationship with us: again, how spellbinding is that!!! – the very Architect of the Universe wants to have a personal relationship with you!!!
We have to make a choice here; Gods wants desperately to forgive your sins  and have that personal relationship with Him BUT you have to choose to accept Him.
Thing is – when we actually stand before our Mighty God we only have one plea and that is JESUS – He paid my penalty for me – He paid the price that should have been mine. When God looks at me He will see Jesus – Will you be able to say the same?
Today, even right now you can KNOW for sure that when you die you will spend eternity with God. You need to get alone with God and accept His amazing offer of forgiveness and let Him change your life.
Begin this awesome walk with God – You will never be the same again – even in the bad times He is there with you.
The God of the universe LOVES you! – He wants so much for you to come to Him.
Don’t delay there is nothing to delay about! – You can know today for sure that Heaven is yours – It’s time to stop, think and act. Today is the day of salvation

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  1. Thanks Bruce, you are an inspiration! 🙂

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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