Stepping into the next moment

stairs-100220_640Life can be a trial. Things happen constantly that keep us ever vigilant ever watchful ever on our guard.
Maybe life is a bit hectic for you, things can so quickly get on top of us; life has so many twists and turns.
We often may wonder where is God in all of this. When our family seemingly falls apart; siblings quarrel and fall out, losing a job, maybe a separation, even divorce –  life just seems to throw up so much turmoil that having faith and following Christ can seem worthless exercise.
Even our own countries seem in a continual state if upheaval – horrors abound everywhere and no matter where we turn we can see life is often so cruel and heartless.
No wonder many of us are just so tired and despondent. No wonder we often feel weak often too weak to even try to understand what is happening.
Tears come easily and there is pain inside sometimes too painful to admit or talk about. We feel knocked down and broken.
As this next year approaches, many are concerned even worried:- will there be more devastating disasters? Will our families cope with added burdens and worries? Could we be faced with relationship breakdowns? Will my job hold or will it too be ‘restructured’?
REAL concerns, REAL worries often to the point of us losing the fight, losing the inner fire to just keep going.
We really have no control over most of what is going to happen in our lives during this next year and often glibly saying “hand it over to God” can sound and actually be a bit trite, especially when everything has gone pear-shaped and we are feeling pretty much at the end of our rope.
I personally have found I have needed to train my brain, heart and soul to concentrate and FOCUS on Jesus every minute of every day.
We need to pick ourselves up, even when we are losing or have lost the fight, and take one step to Him. Focussing on Jesus, gives me the strength to carry on, even when things look their darkest and Satan tries his level best to beat us down.
If we accept God’s gift of his Holy Spirit, and FOCUS on Him, He will step into all of our troubles and forge a way through whatever mess we find ourselves. Even when temptation is trying to smash down our fortress doors, God can be our Defender and Champion.
Focussing on God in every situation gives me the strength to cope with life’s problems – problems that we all have – some HUGE, some would-be soul destroying ones.
Jesus goes before us like a guide, giving us confidence and courage to venture where we felt we couldn’t possibly go or cope with problems we thought we couldn’t possibly deal with.
I know from personal experience, that getting back up and taking the next step with Jesus, and FOCUSSING on Him gives me the strength to face one more day.
Through it all, there comes a certain ‘calm in the ache’ I can’t properly explain. Joy and peace may be a bit extreme but deep in my soul there is a certain ‘lifting or guiding’ a feeling of not being alone.
We don’t have to be the ones to see how this mess will all pan out – we don’t have to walk alone through it all.
God controls the future; the past is gone, whatever happened there is gone too, God knows the future, you don’t – He is the one who moves us on.
So here we are on the brink of 2015 – what will occur? I have no idea! but there is a certain confidence in me because I truly believe that God has gone before me, He has visited, if you like, all of my tomorrows, all of the impossible circumstances I will find myself and also all the many blessings.
God wrote the story, He know the end from the beginning, by FOCUSSING on Him this year we can move ahead with confidence, His arms surround us helping us take that “next step”.
May God go with you as you take the next step, no matter how rickety, with Him – May He enfold you with His love.
Please have the most amazing Christmas and may 2015 bring you confidence, love, joy and peace as you worship and serve our Jesus our Saviour.

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  1. Thank you Bruce, great article that looks at the hard truths of life and encourages all in Christ. Blessings to you and a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comment my dear Brother In Christ – I try to put in meagre words what our amazing God is teaching me as I walk the journey with Him – I trust that you and yours will have a blessed Christmas this year.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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