When a couple of seconds are enough

We have certainly come a long way – just a mega second and WHAM! we can capture in nature what people have been trying to do since the dawn of time – from cave paintings to oil paintings man has tried to do everything to convey our world to others.
By using computers, and amazing cameras, it just takes a split moment in time to capture the grandeur of nature or even the enormity of space and preserve them forever.
When I think of time in seconds and what can happen in that mega short time it makes me stand in wonder how in such a short time a situation can turn into a catastrophe or something amazing can happen to change the face of world and its peoples.
For example;-
It only took a moment in time during the final stages of World War 2 when in August 1945 the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.mushroom-cloud-67534__180
The devastation was horrendous and 129,000 people were horribly killed and many hundreds of thousands more left permanently mutilated and terminally ill from radiation illness.
It only took a moment in time for Neil Armstrong to make that final step on to the moon in 1969 “one small step for man – one giant leap for mankind” – The EAGLE landed and Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took a stroll on the moons surface – forever changing our world.moon-walk-60616__180
It took only a moment in time in 2002 for a terrorist bomb to explode in Bali killing 202 with a further 209 injured.
It took only a moment of time for two hijacked planes to hit the World Trade Centre on 11th September, 2001. They were a series of four co-ordinated attacks that left 2,996 dead and changed the way the world viewed terrorism.
It took only a moment in time for the Wright brothers to take flight in 1903 in Kitty Hawk, N.C and to change travel, and aviation for the world forever.invention-60529__180
It took only a moment in time for the first person to be injected with a miraculous vaccine invented by Dr Jonas Salk in 1957 to counteract the deadly and debilitating effects of Polio that had killed and maimed 1000’s of people worldwide.
It took only a moment in time for the Berlin Wall to be opened for all in November, 1989. The wall had divided the country and it’s people since 13th August 1961 causing many 100’s of deaths and 1000’s of family break-ups.monument-498107__180
I could go on – hundreds of thousands of amazing events that have changed the way we see our world. Some incredible and awesome some devastating and disastrous.
Regardless of what you may personally think of Jesus of Nazareth or whatever you may believe about Him – He too changed the world.  He came as a baby over 2000 years ago, lived just 33 years, a sheer moment in time compared to the history of this old world, and then He died as a criminal – crucified on a cross, nailed there humiliated and scorned.
BUT WOW! what an impact this humble carpenter had on our world. Jesus’ remarkable life has changed so many people in so many ways the list is inexhaustible it just goes on and on infinitum
We can see so many changed lives today because of this amazing man – so why?
Is it because He left so many good teachings behind Him? Or maybe He paved the way for child care, or caring for women, maybe freeing the slaves? No there is far more to Jesus.
Jesus, is God – He was there with the Father since creation. He was there when sin via Satan entered the world, He knew that sin needed to be punished – every single person who has ever lived on this earth has sinned – There are no ‘good or bad’ sins – all sins are the same – SIN!
Romans 3: 23 “For ALL have sinned and fall (way) short of God’s Glory” (Parenthesis added)
Jesus knew that because sin needed to be punished that everyone everywhere were doomed to eternal separation from God and doomed to be separated from the very place that God had prepared for His followers.
Jesus took that punishment for us! – That is why He went up that hill to Calvary – that is why He underwent the scorning, mocking, whipping, slapping, crown of thorns and finally nailing to that dreadful, but amazingly beautiful cross.
Then in a moment of time He rose from the dead – smashed and pushed aside the big old rock that was blocking His way – nothing could stop the glory of the Lord  – nothing could stand in His way – He rose a Victor – killed death forever and in so doing paved the way for everyone to find a way to Father – incredible? Yes and all in just a moment of time.
All we have to do is to accept that gift of Jesus – the incredible gift of forgiveness since that awful/beautiful day when he offered His life for yours and mine.
If you haven’t done so before – offer your life to Him today – ask His forgiveness and invite Him through the Holy Spirit to take up residence in your life right now. And in a moment in time your life can change dramatically.
Yes, Jesus changed the world radically and permanently – He certainly changed my life and I know He can change yours as well.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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