Understanding Kingdom Prayer, part III



Few want to pray with faith and total release. I can prove this point by stating that, if everyone who prayed did so with faith, we’d all stop praying what we want and begin to pray God’s will be done no matter what His will may be. Generally speaking, we pray in fear and control not wanting to give up either. True Kingdom prayer requires, not more work on our part, but its opposite which is death to self, aka rest.

To pray with a Kingdom vantage requires one to give up selfish desires no matter how well-intended they may appear to be. We pray in fear hoping God will give us what we want all the while dreading (fear) that He won’t. We pray in selfishness (control) hoping God will give us what we want but we’re anxious (fear) because maybe He will not. We pray in anger hoping…hoping that whatever ails us internally or externally, God will swing things to our liking, though we’re fairly certain He probably won’t. Often, if we’re honest, we don’t think He hears us at all or doesn’t care, therefore, we choose to attempt to control the situation and answer our own prayers in our flesh.

Imagine if all God’s people totally released their wants, needs, desires, fears, anger, and control to Him. Imagine if we came to the Throne of Grace with a view to Heaven and not the Earth; imagine if we came, not with a fleshly mindset, but a Kingdom mindset. Imagine if we actually went to Yeshua in prayer giving Him every aspect of our situation, not just what we want Him to control.

If we changed our approach, we’d all be set free from fear and turmoil no matter what chaos or heartache swirls around us. If we would come with His perfected will in mind, transition would happen more quickly and with greater ease. Kingdom prayer, as I’ve stated, doesn’t require more work on our part as in “pray, pray, pray” harder, more and longer, but less work – no work, to be exact. We must relinquish our control by dying to (submitting) self and allow God to manifest His already completed work through us.


Stay tuned for the next blog from my latest book, Understanding Kingdom Prayer. If you’re interested in more information about The Fiery Sword Ministries or my books, please visit my website. Also, if you’d like to hear some of my teaching on kingdom prayer, go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kdmadvancematt2414. I will be speaking Friday night, March 27th, 8pm, EST, until 9pm.


Peace and blessings,


Alexys V. Wolf








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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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