Numbers in the Bible, Yes they ARE real and here is the proof!

Originally appeared on Inspirational Christian Blogs 4/2013

I wrote the following after taking a class taught by Chuck Missler.

Have you ever wondered if there really are numbers in the Bible? Not numbers like 3, 7, or 40, we know those are all over the Bible no one can deny that. I am talking about what is referred to as Numerology in the Bible, a controversial subject at best.

Controversial or not, numbers in the Bible are real. I do not like the term “Numerology” because it immediately conjures up negative ideas in many peoples minds. I prefer to say that their are valid numbers in the Bible that mean something. That being said, numbers in the Bible do not reveal super secret information, or tell when the Messiah is coming back. That is all foolishness and not from God.

Numbers in the Bible are real, and a fact…but we need be careful how far we take this. At the same time, numbers as a part of the Bible are a fact, and they need to be taken seriously not just brushed off to the side as being someone’s half-brained idea.

I’m going to show you one example of a valid numbering system in the Bible. Something to keep in mind here, what makes a numbering system in the Bible valid? The numbering sequence should confirm what is already in the Word. If it is not backed up in some way by what the Bible says, and the Bible does not validate what the numbers show, then the number sequence is meaningless. Some number related things have strong evidence for being true, but cannot be completely verified such as the end coming by 2019. If you are not familiar with what I am saying here, look online or read John Shorey’s book, The Window of the Lord’s Return Keep in mind here please that while many of us see this as possible…we of course do not know that…no one but the Father knows that.

Now, first we  go to the book of Genesis, chapter one and look at it written in Hebrew. This is verse 1 in Hebrew:
בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ
A little background info, English reads left to right, Hebrew reads right to left. Another interesting fact for you is that all languages flow towards Jerusalem. Languages east of Jerusalem flow right to left, west of Jerusalem flow left to right. Now we need to go to the first Hebrew t called a tau which looks like this, ח from the first Hebrew t (ח) we count 49 letters and we come to the Hebrew letter vau next we count 49 letters again and we come to the Hebrew letter resh again we count 49 letters and come to the Hebrew letter heThis spells TORH…Torah in English. Now you are thinking big deal!

Go to the next book of the Bible Exodus, and do the exact same thing…the Hebrew letters again spell TORH, Torah. Then we skip Leviticus, don’t worry we will come back to that, and go to Numbers. In Numbers we go to the first Hebrew letter he, our h. Count 49 letters and we come to the Hebrew letter resh our r, count 49 letters and we come to the Hebrew letter vau, our o, count 49 letters again and we come to the Hebrew letter tau our t…this spells HROT, harot is Torah backwards. Next we go to the book of Deuteronomy and do the exact same thing and guess what…we get Torah spelled backwards again.
Now remember we skipped over Leviticus, let’s go look at that again. This time we go to the first Hebrew letter yod, our y. Then we count 7 letters and come to a he, then 7 letters and we come to a vau (marked a little differently) and then another he. This spells YHWH, Yahweh.
So we have Torah spelled forwards in the first 2 books of the Bible, then spelled backwards in the 4th and 5th books with the Lord’s covenant name Yahweh in between in the 3rd book. Coincidence??? I think not. The Bible is all about Jesus…this is just another nifty thing in the Bible that tells us that!

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  1. Hi Greg: I have to admit this all sounds really confusing to me. I have no doubt the Bible has significant numbers as you’ve pointed out here but I would have no clue how to know what books to look at, etc. I know some people that do the “numerology” stuff and it always leaves me with chills. Not holy chills either. I’m sure you have spent a lot of time working through all this. Thanks for giving us a clue and it is interesting but I’ll let you do the digging. 🙂 I would have stopped reading the Bible a long time ago if wasn’t all about Jesus. Are you acquainted with Perry Stone’s Ministry? I have really been learning a lot from his teachings. If you want to check him out and view some of his teachings –

    • I hear you Sue – I would not know these things either had I not been taught them. 🙂 I don’t like Numerology as they get more than a little carried away connecting dots where there is no biblical backing to do so.
      Yes actually I am acquainted with Perry Stone and have read and listened to many of his teachings. He does teach a lot that is good but some of it is questionable. 🙂

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