Striding out with Jesus

Ever had a really good look at God – I mean a really good look?
He is the Architect of the universe!  Leaders of our world can never explain Him – they can’t ignore Him  – there have been heaps of people trying to explain Him away but do you know what? – they can’t do it and they never will.
He is the LORD and His ways are right – He is our God and His way is perfect.
I worship this God.  WHY? because when I am weak He is strong, When I fall He picks me up. When I cry He wipes my tears. When I am lonely He is my friend . When I am angry He holds my hand and sees me though it. When I fail Him, which in my life happens ALL THE TIME, He forgives and not only forgives He forgets.
How amazing is this God – this Holy one, this amazing and awesome creator of the universe.
None can fathom Him, none can explain Him away, none can explain how when I am so afraid and worried for the future He is my courage and boldness.
None can explain how I, a total wreck of a human being, can be so mercifully and miraculously saved from myself to be able to stride out purposefully with
None can explain how my nervous and introverted nature can suddenly become bold enough to loudly extol His name and virtues to all I meet regardless of the consequences.
None can explain how God in his wisdom made this wimp into a warrior None can explain because I can’t explain it myself.
All I know is that He did  and He did it with me – probably THE lowest and greatest sinner – I am gobsmacked by His mercy and grace.
None can explain to me how my broken spirit and life suddenly became mended with Him – How He found me buried deep in sin and wallowing in it happily and brought me to Himself, cleaned me and set me upon a pedestal of His making and made me clean in Him.
My mind just boggles when I think of what He has done for me- how through persecution and trials He is with me constantly holding my hand reinforcing His love and grace to me over and over again.
He shields and comforts me during troubles and trials, persecution and strife. No other friend can do what Jesus does – He died for me – for me the wicked and lowly, even though I mocked and scorned His name just like those who tortured and crucified Him.
Yes! How amazing is our God – I know that when I face death in the face He will be there to carry me home – I just know it – nothing can take that away from me.
His braveness, His boldness, His motivation  and His drive have indwelt my life and so often when I fail Him, worrying about trivia, I still know that God is my God who lives and loves for ever and ever.
To me Jesus is the first and last – the Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end – nothing can or ever will replace God in this puny life of mine here on earth because I know when I meet Him face to face my whole eternity will be bound up and wound up in Him – a wimp into a warrior – an amazing and unexplained life in Christ.
So what do YOU really think of Christ? – Where are you RIGHT now in your relationship with God? Who is your God and who are you serving right at his minute?
When you cast your mind over what He went though while He was here on earth, no mind can ever really take it in.
He was ridiculed yet rose above it, He was deserted by all and yet stayed faithful to God, He was punched and slapped by holier than though hypocrites but never once said a word, He was scourged and flogged, broken and smashed yet carried that cross for you and me.
Can you explain such love? I can’t – He rose again through the very love and grace that paid the penalty for my sin and yours. His very persecution and death brought power and reigns to bring that power and peace to this broken and rebellious world.
One day He WILL come back, One day He will reign supreme, one day EVERY knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord
Regardless of how many times people try to explain Him away – He is still here He is still King and one day every person who has ever lived will confess that He is Lord.
Let’s purposefully today commit our lives to stride out with Him – Commit your life to Him and I can guarantee you will never be the same again – your life will change dramatically.
If He can change me He can certainly change you – God bless you as you stride out purposefully with Him today.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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