Is God Displeased?

“The penalty of sin is death. Those who are promoting, agree with, supplementing the great sins of the world shall die a death that none want.
The Lord your God is displeased with how the nations are ignoring His words. How the people are thumbing their noses at the Most Holy One. His wrath shall reach the east, west, north, and south for the wind does not go in one direction.
Fear Me says the Lord Almighty for My power is great. The power of My love can penetrate all walls and My power can also destroy the universe. It is mans choice which it shall be.
Those who follow Me shall inherit the earth. Those who follow their false gods shall lay at the feet of their gods. None shall see the glory of the Lord for their eyes are blinded by the jumbled deceit of their god.
Woe unto the world the one who comes is deceiving. Woe unto those who fall at his feet. Your minds are filled with self-gratification, ‘How wonderful the world will be.’ You fools! Lift up your eyes, open your ears. The evil one walks amongst you! You desire – you shall be given! Wake up, stand up.
Let your voices be heard My children of glory and grace. You are allowing the sins of the world to destroy your faith by diverting your attention to things of the world. Where is your spiritual backbone? Where is the boldness to stand upin My name? You cowards! I did not give the faith of a gnat. I have given you all My power to eradicate the influences of the devil and yet you join forces with him. Stand up My loved ones and fight against those things that are an abomination in My sight. Have you not read My Word? Have you not believed My Word?
I am greatly saddened by all I see in the world. Yet there are those who bring such joy to My heart. Oh what joy I feel as My children share My love. You are as sweet kittens nuzzled at their mothers side. Their beauty mingles as they sleep in peace, comfort, and the assurance that all is well. Come My chosen ones. Nuzzle up to Me for My lap is the safety you desire. My comfort shall embrace you as My love fills you. Let not the evil that abounds in the world keep you from My arms. My love is widespread. It is not accepted by all but it is there. Search your hearts loved ones, where am I?”
Given by the Holy Spirit 6-30-08
Scripture Ref’s:
Rev. 7:1-3 – Ez. 18:4-20 – Ps. 37:11, 134:1 – Matt. 5:5 – Eph. 6:13

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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