Lo But the Hand of God is Mighty


“Lo but the hand of God is mighty. It reaches out in love and comfort. It reaches out in anger to bring wrath upon the nations. His Mighty power is great, His love everlasting. To those who reach for Him with hands in praise, with heads bowed humbly His hand shall hold theirs and His heart shall be theirs.

Take heed O’ you kings for your foolishness shall bring His wrath. You leaders who know only self satisfaction of power and greed, your nonsense notions shall bring you down. Woe unto you O’ nations. You are in jeopardy of losing all. You shall reap the harvest that you are planting – weeds!

Take heed all ye who go about your day basking in self assurance that all shall be well. For it shall only be well for those who love Me. You shall wallow in your screams and agony while others eat at the holy river from which true life comes from, the Throne of the Most Holy One.

Woe unto you O’ believers not. Hell is deep, dark, and oh so hot. For it is hell’s eternal fire that shall invite you, encapsulate you, and hold you for all time, for all eternity.

Be of good cheer My precious ones for you shall dwell in the warmth of love and Light. Your peace shall be as nothing any human has ever felt. Your joy will bubble as a bubbling brook. Love is so great, so profound you shall never know what sorrow or pain is.

The time is near and only those who know and love Me shall welcome My appearance. ALL shall bow before Me yet there shall be those who bow in fear.

Pray My children for I hear your prayers. Seek My face in all you do, for yourselves and others. The time has come when salvation will bring only those who reach out to Me. Lift your hands, your voices, your hearts for they are received as your gift to Me. A most welcome gift.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 4-29-10

Scripture ref:

Hosea 8:7, 10:12 – Is. 38:18 – Jer. 5:1-5 – Micah 3:1-8 – Mal. 2:17



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