Sometimes we have to drop the curtain

How amazing is communication these days – we have everything at our finger tips – just recently there was a huge debate in our home as to what computer our year seven Grandblessings was going to take to High school?
It doesn’t seem that long ago we didn’t really have a lot of communication devices to rely on – I mean how amazing is it that our phones can turn into virtually anything we want them to – our simple notebook is way out line – Mr Google has smashed the encyclopedia even writing is becoming obsolete.
Our lives are crowded – almost ready to burst I’d say! Crowded with information, ads, TV, ipods, mobiles – you name it  our lives are crowded and in turn so are our minds and hearts.
We can get to the stage in our lives where we just don’t know of any other existence other than crowds – but on saying that Jesus Himself welcomed crowds.
It seemed everywhere there were people crowding around him, pushing and shoving.  At one stage He had to climb into a boat and push it a little off-shore so that he wasn’t physically pushed into the sea.
On another occasion a little lady who was sick for donkey’s years pushed past a huge crowd just to touch His clothing.
So Jesus was a crowd gatherer – no matter where He went there seemed to be crowds jostling Him and needing His attention.
Isn’t it the same for us to day – we get bombarded with all sorts of amazing and interesting sometimes super-frustrating priorities in our lives that simply overwhelm us.
Buy this, do that, exercise here, go here, go there, sell this, eat this, take that and so the list goes on.
It seems to me that Jesus spent so much time jostling the crowds through His ministry of three years – makes me wonder how any of us would cope today? it’s ironic isn’t that the same crowd all turned their backs on Him that fateful yet wonderful day at mount Calvary when he gave His life for you and me.

You know, sometimes we have to ‘drop the curtain’ on our busy lives and actually see where we are and where we stand with Jesus – He at times made a huge point in ‘dropping the curtain’ against the overcrowdedness of His own life and be alone with His Father.
Jesus often went away on His own and prayed – finding lonely places far away from the crowds and the noise of everyday life. (Luke 5:16). He needed desperately to get alone with God. Jesus knew that time alone with the Father was the only way He could “refresh and re-focus” His life and get the rejuvenation He needed to continue walking the path he had to walk.
How often do we even think of “dropping the curtain’ on our distractions and getting alone with God? Do we ever get alone with God? If we really want God’s vision in our lives then getting alone with Him is vitally important. If Jesus Himself felt that then surely we must as well.
It may mean turning off the phone, the computer and whatever other distractions happen to be abroad and dropping the curtain and being alone – just He and you. Just try to be you – honestly and open with Jesus – don’t use the usual platitudes – and become humble in His presence. You may even notice that the focus then will shift from you and those overcrowding thoughts and ideas and become centred on Him.
What is amazing is this simple truth:- God is waiting for you! He wants to meet with you – I feel He wants you to get to know Him just as well He knows you.
Our relationship with Jesus is not legalistic – we do have a will of our own – we don’t have to bound by rules and regulations of how and when and what we should say in our prayer time. It’s a relationship built on love and that relationship will not depend one iota what you do and don’t do.
It’s only through Jesus – He is the one who changes our lives and carries us from the whirling hubbub that surrounds us into a real and sustaining peace that sees us through any crisis the world may throw at us.
But to get that amazing change and peace in our lives we have to spend time with Him – drawing the curtain on our distractions and setting aside real time for prayer, talking and listening asking Him to show us where our life is heading and showing us what the next steps will be.
Huge blessings to you as you decide to listen to GOD this week. Remember God often speaks in a still small voice and to hear Him properly first we have to be quiet.

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  1. Awesome. I just said something similar from the platform at church this morning. Love it.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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