My Church will be Found Guilty


“Rivers shall dry up, mountains flattened, all that is known shall change as the tides of the oceans. Birds will no longer fly, the desert animals will lay in dried bones, mankind will shake with fear for God Almighty shall speak. His tongue shall be like fire and the flames of His wrath shall cover the earth rendering it as charcoal in a campfire.
Repent ye sinners. Lift your faces to heaven for your sins are mighty. He who is the Great I Am shall speak you into everlasting misery. Death shall not come, joy will no longer sing its song. What you think is fun shall be everlasting horror.
My church, O’ My church, how you seek those things that are not of Me. Listening to those who desire fine words, singing praises to God who you do not know. My church will be found guilty of the sins of false teachings, of false prophets who lead for their own gain.
Repent O’ people of God, for My wrath will also convict you. Lift your voices in praise to the Most Holy High God and rejoice for who He is.
Let not the fine things of the world divert you from His purpose, from the eternal, not the here and now. Teach your children My ways but how can you do that if you know me not?
Your songs, your words shall fall on deaf ears, for they are just that. Words spoken, words sung that do not come from the heart are as empty as a dry well.
Listen up leaders of My church! Speak My truth. Encourage, love, build up My flock but forget not that confession leads to forgiveness.
O’ children of God, how I love you so. Raise your hands in praise, let your heart spread its wings and fly as an eagle in the sky. Your voices will carry your love to all ends of the earth. Others will hear the sweet melody and come to where their heart leads.
Speak out to those who dwell in darkness, let My Light light their world. Be free to share My gospel, be free to tell the world. My love shall pour out like raindrops glistening in the sun. Brighten the hearts of those who stand in deprivation and discouragement. Lift their spirit from the ashes of long suffering and lead them to everlasting joy.
Sing praises to My Name and I shall hold you close in My heart. For your names are written there. Despair not for My love encompasses you. Feel My presence. Experience My joy. Lift your faces heavenward and rejoice for your journey has not brought you to the gates of hell but to the open doors of heaven.”
Given by the Holy Spirit 11-28-06
Scripture ref’s: 2Chr. 7:14, 6:26-27 – James 4:10 – Duet. 28:10 – Is. 43:7 – Jn. 3:17-21 – Rev. 21:27 – Ps. 100:1-5 – Phil. 4:8

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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