Stand Tall as Oaks


“Cowards lie. Sheep lie dead. The moon rises, the sun sets. Woe be gone to all who fail to turn their faces to the Son. Darkness invades the spirit of many yet those who seek Light shall have eternal life.
Trust in the Lord your God for His kingdom shall reign forever. His Bright Shining Star will light the embers of the soul, bringing light into the darkness.
Repent ye who seek evil for evil will wither as winter leaves. Stand tall as oaks along a stream for the water of life feeds them.  Repent all who carry false swords thinking your ways are right for your feet are planted in shifting sands and a breath shall destroy you.
Take heed all who cast their stones in shallow waters, who wade in creeks of dryness. Dry land desires rain and cracks with the age of time. Time, all sinners, is running out for the Lord is on His way.  Time to change, time to look towards the sky, toward darkened hearts. Repent and know the blessings of the Lord.
Time is short. All futures lie in the hands of the Mighty One. The tides of time are here. Absolve your differences, forgive. Seek ye the face of God for heaven is on the horizon.
Embrace your fellow-man in love and compassion. Lead those who are lost to the Lamb. He will not reject them. Bring them into the fold with joy and gladness. The harvest is close at hand. Be not chaff that blows in the wind but the strength and hope in others. You, O’ My children, are the light in darkness. His light shines through you. Be their beacon in the seas of life as He is the Beacon unto the world.
Go forth in prayer and thanksgiving for you are the sons and daughters of the King.”
Given by the Holy Spirit 7-8-06
Scriptural ref: Joel 3:14-16

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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