Have you ever realised that God has a plan for your life? Yes you!mark-1577991_960_720
Our great God the Creator of the universe – the one who hung stars in space and surrounded our magnificent world with all sorts of incredible beauty (which we have since tried desperately to destroy) has a special plan just for you.
Unlikely as it sounds we puny humans are so loved by this amazing God that it is so very hard to even take in let alone realise that this awesome (in the true sense of the word) God of our’s love is so deep that He has individual plans for us all springing out of his deep deep love for us.
People parrot the phrase “God is Love” in a superficial way. Divine affection isn’t some sappy, sentimental slop. God’s love Risks, It suffers. In fact, it is always marked by wrenching sacrifice.
The Bible goes to great pains to urge those who have experienced God’s lavish love to turn around and become courageous lovers themselves.
God’s great love for us should be played out in our lives by showing that great love to others. In this way God’s plans for us can be fulfilled BUT if we aren’t growing more Christ-like every day then these amazing plans for us can’t possibly take root in our lives and bring a magnificent harvest to our God and King.
So where are you situated at the moment in God’s plan for you? Is there something holding you back from being in the centre of His will for your life?
Do you show kindness and compassion to the undeserving? To cheats and liars? Backstabbers and betrayers? To rude and hateful and cruel people?
As imperfect people none of us have such love in ourselves. What we do have, however, is Jesus Christ living in us and impacting our actions and attitudes and that is more than enough for God to show His mighty plans to us and change our lives forever. Oh! if we only let Him.
We may never really understand it BUT God has a plan for each of us as individuals, as well as complex plans for each civilisation across the globe. But regardless of whether we understand these plans or not, we still need to be obedient to God and accept that His ways are far exceeding ours and to accept His will for our lives.
God’s plan for our lives involves us to be faithful to Him in everything we do regardless of what that involves. THE BIG plan for our lives is just trusting Him completely, obeying Him and walking closely to Him every day.
If we can do that then His plans for us will unfold before us, often in surprising ways.
So you can be absolutely certain that God has a plan mapped out for you but only if we let Him work His wonders – only if we are obedient – only if we are trusting Him daily to work in our lives.
It just makes so much sense that we would be created to accomplish what God wants for our lives.
God also calls the shots when it comes to His plans for civilisation itself. They rise and fall. World leaders come and go and all of it, the Bible tells us is according to the will of God.
He is in control and as his children we can trust His goodness and wisdom. So we should prayerfully and carefully make our daily/weekly plans but do so with a joyful willingness to let God alter our agendas to fit His bigger purpose and perfect will.
In lots of ways the lives of us Christians, the Redeemed, if you like, could read like an action adventure. We have been given a mission from the Almighty God of the universe. This mission will expose us to all kinds of risks. We have people, our fellow believers depending on us to carry out our mission. Then on the other hand we have our age-old enemy who will stop at nothing to prevent us from completing it.
So how will your story end? Will you be able to say “mission accomplished” at the end of your life? Or will your enemy celebrate your incomplete, abandoned and thwarted mission.
Let’s decide today to be a HUGE threat to satan. Don’t let him write us off as a non-threat.
God bless each of us as we obey our Father and seek His perfect plan for our lives this week.

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  1. I just feel as if H.E (GOD) is not caring anymore. I have just lost more than ten (10) innocent children and women, because they were attacked by other South Sudanese on their way from Yei, to the capital city, Juba. Is God really caring? I know He is really there, but does he care about us?

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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