How Isaiah 42 Relates to the Modern Day United States and the World


Isaiah 42 is an interesting chapter, written to the Jews as well as addressing Christ as Messiah, there are definitely parallels to today’s modern world. Isaiah 42:1-4

As well as addressing the shortcomings of the Jewish people of that time, the text also mentions that Christ will be a light to the Gentiles. Isaiah 42:6

Isaiah 42:19 makes mention of the Lord’s own servants being blind, this of course referring to the Jews; is it any wonder that a large portion of the rest of the world is blind as well? This blindness does not apply only to those that have no association with God, but also to many of those who profess to know the Lord, especially in this day and age.

Isaiah 42:13 is an express warning to those willing to listen. The God of all Creation will have the last word, in fact He IS the last word (Matthew 24:35). The Lord will conquer and triumph against His enemies as is made plain in this verse. The Lord is patient, but His patience is wearing thin – just as His patience wore thin with Israel when He sent Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Jerusalem.

Then as now, the happenings of the world are attributed to being; just the way things are – or just the way the world works. As the Jews were blind to the reality of God’s involvement in what happened to them, despite being warned on numerous occasions, before it happened – so too people are the same today, and that includes many in the Church. Nothing happens in this world without the sanction of Almighty God.

In Isaiah 42:16 God makes promises to lead the people who will give ear to Him, and to never leave nor forsake them. These promises are still true today, but they must be accepted, and before that occurs we must accept God at His Word that He is who He says He is and not who we desire Him to be.

As I said before, many in the world today are blind, not a few of these deaf and blind belong to the Church. What do I mean by that? Let me share some thoughts with you –

A reproduction of the arch that led to the Temple of Baal has been set up in New York City. How many saw this as no big deal? How many even knew about it? This strikes me as rather ominous, a visible depiction of the direction in which America has been and is increasingly headed.
To wit:

Worship of God is wrong, but worship of – and the idolizing of anything and everything else is good. God in school is wrong, but teaching the five pillars of Islam is ok. Bible study in school is wrong, but teaching 3rd graders about homosexuality and transgenders along with encouraging and accepting these things is right and good. Teaching about a traditional two parent family, as in one man and one woman is harmful, but teaching that having two moms or two dads is normal and beneficial. Preaching Jesus on a street corner is terrible, but men wearing nothing but pink underwear while parading down the street proclaiming the virtues and joys of homosexuality is great. The sanctity of marriage as one man and one woman is not to be discussed or supported, but same-sex marriage is to be shouted and touted from the rooftops.

Beware of the wolves in the Church, we have been warned right in God’s Word (1 Timothy 4:1) that this would happen, and it IS happening with increasing regularity. Below is a perfect example of wolves in the Church

Many denominations in the Church are supporting same-sex marriage, the Word of God specifically says that this is an abomination, those that say otherwise are only kidding themselves. Leviticus 18:22
In 1 Corinthians 7:2, Paul lays out the fact that each man and each woman should only be engaged in sexual relations with their own spouse of the opposite sex. If that is not clear enough, in Romans 1:26-27, Paul mentions sex between two women and two men, and makes it clear this was and is off-limits and punishable by God.

Abortion – even many in the Church support this, how I will never understand. A baby is a gift from God, not a hindrance to be removed at will. This group of cells, barring an unfortunate non-man-made problem – will become a human being, a living, breathing life-form, same as the rest of us. Killing a baby outside the mother’s body is murder, what makes anyone in their right mind think that killing a baby inside the mother’s body is not?

The weather: the severity of the weather is increasing, could this be only some sort of natural progression? It could I suppose, still – two things are clear to this writer:
Climate change as obsessed over by the political elite and others is a bad joke.
The change in the weather could be natural, but this writer sees it as part of the judgment against the U.S. – and even if the changes are strictly natural, these changes are controlled by God, as is everything else!

I will plainly state that I regard the presidency of Barack Obama as being part of a judgment against the United States for our people removing God from all things and defying Him.

The U.S. economy is a disaster one step away from collapse, this country is crumbling from the inside out, just as Rome did. The farther the U.S. has stepped away from God and slipped into grievous sin, the worse things have become in this country. Coincidence? This writer does not think so.

The Jews despite plenty of warning paid no heed to God – is America making the same mistake?
Republished with permission The Olive Branch Report

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8 replies

  1. Very powerful message. May many get to read it.

  2. I think each and every person those who exist in this world should read this article ….Love you admin please keep posting & please don’t stop…

  3. I, also, believe that Obama was used as judgment, as a wake-up call – a means to get the attention of the Christians in this country and pull them out of their complacency, to get us to fall to our knees in prayer, to stand in the gap and pray as we haven’t prayed in a long time. I think we needed Obama to emphasize just how far we were falling, and to force us to see the only way back up was for the Christians in this country to band together in prayer and lead the way to a revival. Is it too late? I don’t really know. But whatever judgment we still have to face, will be deserved – for those that pulled us down, but also for the Christians that sat back and did not fight it.
    And I have to admit that I am one of those that was complacent in my complacency, not truly understanding what was lacking in my own prayer life until a few years ago. I used to talk to my mother about it, and she would say, “But what can I do? I don’t have internet, I don’t write, I don’t have any way to step out and fight what is going on?” My answer was that what she could do was pray. And yet I did not realize just how much more I should be praying, or how much room I had to grow in my prayer life. Praise God for His direction and guidance!

    • Hi Dru, well said. You make a good point, anyone can do something – and that is pray. I need to do a whole lot more of that myself. Thanks for the comment.
      Blessings to you my friend

  4. thank u for this. im a foreigner in this country and been living in new york for 4 years now. first things i observed were people here are just so caught up in the mundane world. they dont even have time to pray before meals or kids arent even taught to pray before going to bed. im scared because my kids will be migrating soon and i know raising them to be ideal Christians in this environment where same sex marriages are normal and abortion is an “option” is going to be very tough for a single parent like me.
    Blessings to everyone who contribute on this site. We need more people like you guys. May you never get tired of sharing Gods words/teachings.

    • You are welcome Hannah, may the Lord’s blessings be upon you. Yes it WILL be tough, but you have help in the person of the Lord, as well as a church if you become plugged into a biblical church. Do your best, and keep your children in prayer. Holy Father may your blessings and your guidance be upon Hannah and her children, may she find strength in Your Word Lord. Amen.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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