Seeing the heart

Have you heard of the saying “Talking the talk but not walking the walk” – well that can just about sum it up for a lot of us Christians.
Many of us are in that situation as Christians and that was brought home to me just recently as I sat in church listening to a pretty blistering sermon.
Many of us just go from day to day – many of us don’t even think about what it cost God to send His Son to die for us – Many of us live completely different lives from Monday through Saturday as we may do on a Sunday when we put on the face mask mask-2014552__340and become HOLY.
I include myself in this situation so please don’t think I am judging anyone when I say this . The whole idea of this blog is to accurately as possible write down how the Lord is dealing in my life and to be completely honest in that valuation.
So here we have it – do I just talk the talk without really walking the walk??
I wonder how my non Christian friends would react if they heard the lyrics of songs I sing as I worship in church?
Would they nod in agreement, having seen me living the truth that I profess on a Sunday? Or would they shake their heads in amazement at the way I am able to turn my Christian commitment on and off as it suits me?
Do you sometimes feel like a Christian impersonator? You know the right words to say, the right things to do in church and the right image to present to the world – but are you just putting on an act?
If so, your performance may be good to fool the people around you, but there’s one who can see straight through you and into your heart.
If our faith isn’t pure and genuine God knows it.  Maybe it is time for us to look at whether we are being hypocrites to ourselves and to our Creator God.
In Amos chapter 5 and verses 21-24 God signals very much what He hates and despises and guess what?? Hypocrisy is way up there on His hit list.
Yes! when we put on a face and live completely different lives to what we profess as being Christians then that is exactly what it is – Hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy is not only loathsome to God but it also has a HUGE negative impact on any unbelievers and it can totally ruin churches, dividing and splitting Christian communities.
Our hypocrisy can cause other people to doubt the very saving grace of Jesus and His amazing ability to change lives for the good.
As I am writing this blog I am becoming more and more aware of just how slack I have been personally and I have been praying right now that God will cleanse my heart and forgive me of my sin of hypocrisy and that He will come afresh into my life and fill me anew with his Holy Spirit.
I have been really thinking hard about the way I live. That is the things I say versus the things I do – do they line up?
We can’t possibly change this on our own – I’m not even going to try. It is only through the very strength of God that we have any hope of changing.
Hypocrisy is a tricky thing  – Its so easy to spot in another persons life but really hard to spot in our own – I have been so convicted lately of this very thing! I have deiced that the very time I am tempted to dismiss someone as being a hypocrite then I am going to turn the spotlight fully on me.female-163758__340
We can’t go easy on ourselves here – and it certainly won’t be an easy process.
Thinking all of this through, Our best bet is to cut the act completely and ask God to work in our hearts so that we can serve Him, worship him and live for Him with every part of our being.
God bless you this week as you take up the challenge and rid yourself of any hypocrisy in your life.
Repent of the past and turn to Him – asking Him to take over your life completely, holding nothing back.

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  1. I surrender to you LORD!

    • God bless you as you give your whole life to Christ – something we all need to do on a daily basis. Ask Him daily to walk with you – God bless you Chi

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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