I heard once that “assume makes an ass out of U and me”.
It has been brought home to me recently just how easily we can assume something and so easily be so wrong in our assumption.mistake-1966448__340
We can assume someone is guilty and then so quickly we can judge – we may not mean to but there it is ~ we can assume almost anything and sometimes assumptions can take us down some really scary paths indeed.
Because sin is offensive, intolerable and unacceptable, God opposes it. He punishes and judges.
Just as fire consumes all that is combustible, so God destroys all that is contemptible. BUT we must let God be the judge of others NOT US!!  It is not right for us to ASSUME we are so right and others are so wrong – even when we know that God has led us through His Holy Spirit to come to a place where we know that he is living in our hearts and souls.
We just can’t ASSUME and we certainly can’t JUDGE.
In proverbs 18:2 King Solomon writes “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing their own opinion” ~ in other words it is so foolish to ASSUME you understand other people and then turn around and find huge delight in airing your opinion to all and sundry around the place.
Judging and assuming can lead us into sin quicker than we even know.
We have NOT been called to judge others, much less punish those who oppose our God, however, we should develop a strong and vigorous aversion to sin.
Matthew 7:1 tells us NEVER to JUDGE because if we do then we will be judged accordingly ~ pretty sobering thoughts.
In our daily lives, as we more and more rely on God’s wisdom and might, we can love ALL people – un-judging and un-assuming ~ without ever approving of their sin.
As a BIBLE based Christian I believe what it says – and try to live my life according to God’s principles set down in the Bible – God is emphatic when he says that we DO NOT JUDGE – and assumption can be virtually judging!
God is the Judge and he alone – we cannot even ASSUME to put ourselves in the seat of judgement over anyone! There is certainly a HUGE amount of evil in this world of ours ~ there is absolutely no denying this but we can overcome evil ~ not with our fiery judgments, but with good (read Romans 12: 17-21)
Another dangerous path in ASSUMPTION is ASSUMING that God will lead us down amazing and wonderful paths of fulfillment – we are NOT and never have been guaranteed health, wealth and success!
We often ASSUME that if we obey God then all will be well for us in this life  ~ that our marriages will be perfect, that new jobs will come easy or that our family will grow in love and harmony.
God has never promised us a life of happy-ever-afters here in fact quite the opposite – we will suffer here and we can’t ASSUME otherwise.
Another HUGE ASSUMPTION we make when we come to Christ is that we will live perfect lives for Him constantly – we all fall and sometimes we fall a looooong way – I know I did for fourteen long years  I walked away from the Lord who saved me.
In fact we mess up all the time – in this life we will never be perfect for God not ever – BUT the thing is we can come back to Him each and every time we do mess up and return, repent and be restored by the very grace and mercy of God.
sign-2454791__340OK so where does all this leave us? – Assumption can be dangerous – assumption can lead to judging – assumption can lead us to misunderstand God and His plans for us – Assumption can often, through misunderstanding, lead us away from God and assumption can quickly lead us down wrong, dangerous and very scary streets.
God alone is our strength and our understanding – Give to God what he wants most of all – our lives and our very souls – he wants 100% nothing less.
Let’s not assume anything as we go this week – Let’s not judge anything either – at the same time let’s not bury our heads in the sand. Let’s trust God openly and honestly, being very aware that His plans for us give us hope not rejection regardless of what happens around us.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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