The Three Greatest Threats We’re Facing

By Rob Pue

There is a lot of evil in this old world.  The bad news is endless, and it seems our society here in America grows darker and more Godless with every passing day.  Many remain optimistic. They look forward to many good things, and “making America great again.”

No doubt, we HAVE seen some good in the past year.  Just the very fact that President Trump has removed the wicked idols of Islam from the White House and brought back the prayer to the one TRUE God of heaven is a VERY good and positive thing.  Yet evil still reigns in our land, and blood runs in our streets daily.

If I had to identify the most evil threats we are facing as a nation and world, I could easily narrow it down to three primary points. You see, there is nothing new under the sun, and Satan only HAS a few tricks.   And he and his demons have been using these things in an attempt to destroy everything Godly, righteous and holy since time began and the serpent and his demons were cast out of God’s presence.  It seems in these last days, all three have arisen again, more ugly and more vicious than ever — determined to utterly kill and destroy every one of God’s people and everything good and sacred.

First on the list is the demonic deception of homosexuality. I can hardly believe things have “progressed” this far down the path of deviancy, here in the United States and spreading like a cancer across the entire globe.  As I read about what the world was like in the days of Noah and Lot, I have a hard time imagining that it could have been any worse or any more deviant than the days we’re living in RIGHT NOW.   Those on the “left” will equate the depravity of sodomy and the right to commit acts of sexual abomination with such things as “civil rights,” “freedom,” and they will use phrases like “love wins” — when even the Supreme Court of this nation hands down a demonically-influenced decision and seeks to legislate this ugly immorality and impose it on us all.

And, you see,  it does so by FORCE — as it must— for  “where the Spirit of the Lord is,”Scripture reminds us, “there is liberty, (or freedom).” And CERTAINLY, the Spirit of the Lord is nowhere IN this picture.  One need only observe what Satan does every single time to ALL the laws of God and nature— he perverts them, twists them, whispers confusion into the minds of even God’s people, and he turns them 180 degrees to the opposite  So, in order for this Homosexual Agenda to go forward, there must NOT be, there CAN NOT be, ANY freedom…. it must be MANDATED, it must be FORCED upon the people. For this sin of sodomy is so wicked and so perverse, there are very few who would accept it willingly of their own freewill. (Statistics show, it’s less than 3%).  But now, we are even indoctrinating our PRE-SCHOOL age babies to question their very gender!  And the parents are ENCOURAGING THIS!  How much more perverted and evil can we possibly become?

I have no doubt that there are SOME listening to me right now with smoke coming out of their ears, calling me a “hater,” a “homophobe” and worse things.  While claiming to be fighting for love and tolerance, many of those who practice sodomy would readily kill me if they could.  No “love” or “tolerance” for me.   On the contrary, they — and their legions of advocates — are the LEAST tolerant and LEAST loving people on earth.  They are FILLED with lust and rage, with murder in their hearts, indwelled with the same demonic spirit that inhabited the men who marched through the streets of the city of Sodomin one of the world’s first “Gay Pride Parades,” then surrounded Lot’s house, tried to break down the door, demanding their perverted lusts be satisfied.  Hear this people:  IT IS THE SAME SPIRIT!  This is nothing new, it has simply resurfaced in our world today — and it is back with a FIERCE vengeance.

What we know today as the “LGBTQ+” agenda has been accepted and normalized by MOST— hear this now, I said MOST— of the people of the world, including NOW, MOST  professing Christians and professing Christian churches.  The latest stats now show that an average of 67% of professing CHRISTIANS not only accept, but CELEBRATE homosexual so-called “marriage.” 67%!!  THAT is where we are at, folks.  Most church-goers are so biblically-illiterate that they have embraced it under the guise of “equality,” “civil rights,” “love,” and “tolerance…” just as the sodomite lobbyists planned.  Just as Satan planned.  We have fallen for the same scheme he used against Eve in the garden, as he whispered in her ear:  “Did God REALLY say?…”   It doesn’t surprise me that the unsaved world has fallen for this lie —the Homosexual Agenda has MASSIVE funding by just about EVERY major corporation in the world to accomplish it’s evil goals.  But when CHRISTIANS tell me sodomy is perfectly alright with them, and that JESUS would love and embrace the sin of sodomy, something is very, very wrong in our churches!

Then there’s the abomination of baby killing in America. Most call it “abortion,” but let’s get “real” here — we all know what it is, even those who advocate for it:  it is the MURDER of a baby.  Precious babies, God’s “image bearers,” knit together in their mothers’ wombs — 60 million of them murdered in cold blood here in the US alone since 1973.

The TRUTH of baby killing is out there, for anyone with a rational mind to see.  We now know, through the amazing technology of the 21st century, that life begins at the moment of conception.  We know these little ones feel pain as they are burned alive and torn apart.  We’ve even heard people justify the horiffic act of “partial birth abortion,” in which a baby is nearly fully delivered, except for the head, and then it’s tiny spinal cord and brain is pierced with a knife, sometimes decapitated — just seconds from birth.  The pro-death crowd defends this practice because, they argue, the life of the mother may be at stake.  How can THIS possibly save the life of the so-called “mother?”   In two more seconds, the baby would be born alive and healthy.  It’s a ridiculous and hideous argument.  We kill our own children for the sake of convenience and profit and then the hired killers sell their precious little body parts for even more blood money!

Again, this is nothing new.  It is the SAME demonic spirit that has caused countless cultures before us to kill THEIR children, and then to suffer the wrath of God and ultimately fall.  Child sacrifice, down through the ages, has been done for the worship of false gods… from the ancient Aztecs and Incas to the Druids of Europe to the Romans… and in the Bible we read of children being murdered as sacrifices to Moelch, a god of the Ammonites and Canaanites.  And just as the church is deceived by Satan when it comes to sodomy today, you’d be hard pressed to find a single church-goer out of a hundred to truly stand against this horrific abomination and do anything significant about it.

Again:  nothing new.  Even King Solomon, who was known as the “wisest man to ever live” fell for this demonic deception, as we read in 1 Kings 11:  “As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the LORD his God, as the heart of David his father had been. He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites. So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the LORD…”  It is THE SAME EVIL, DEMONIC SPIRIT that has enticed cultures before us to kill THEIR children that is confusing and deluding us into the very same practice.  We KNOW what we are doing.  We cannot say we don’t know.  Yet even professing “God-fearing” Christians will do nothing to stop it.

I once had a pastor tell me that all throughout history, whenever a nation began killing it’s own children, that nation was either destroyed or self-destructed within a generation.  A biblical generation is usually considered to be 40 years.  It seems we are 5 years overdue for the full fury of God’s wrath.

Finally, the last greatest evil invading our world today is that of the demonic false “religion” of Islam.     Islam officially began in the year 610.  That’s when Mohammad received his first visit from the demon, appearing to him as an angel of light.  But I believe the demonic SPIRIT of this false religion dates back to the beginning of time, when Satan first rebelled against God, our Creator.  Down through history, this demonic spirit has raised its ugly head time and time again.  In the book of Daniel, we read of Nebuchadnezzar, a wicked Persian king in the province of Babylon, who demanded the people worship a false god.  Whenever the music played, the people were to bow down and worship this false god.  Anyone who refused would be killed in the most horrific way they could dream up.

Of course, it was God’s people  — Shadrack, Meshak and Abednego — there in captivity, who refused to prostitute themselves to this false god.  And so these righteous, courageous young men were thrown into the firey furnace.  I’m sure you’ve heard this story before, but I’d encourage you to read it again and refresh your memory.  You can find it in Daniel, Chapter 3.

My point is, the evil we see perpetrated today by the Muslims, has been going on for eons of time.  And so just as this demonic spirit inhabited Nebuchadnezzar, (in the SAME part of the world where Islam now reigns, by the way…),and just as Nebuchadnezzar demanded worship of his false god, and just as those who refused were sentenced to death in a firey furnace, the same is happening today.  Only today, this Satanic activity has a name:  ISLAM.  Five times a day, that eery, dark, hideous music plays — that “Islamic call to prayer” — and they must then stop everything and bow down to this demon called “Allah.”   The demon is back.  Today we have Muslims taking those who refuse to convert to Islam and worship the demon, locking them in cages and burning them alive — in a FIREY FURNACEIt’s the SAME THING!  It’s the same demonic spirit.

Donald Trump wants to make America great again.  That’s a lofty goal.  And today the world celebrates the “peace agreement” between North and South Korea.  But Scripture tells us (and I’m paraphrasing here), “when they are all saying ‘peace and safety,’ then destruction will come suddenly.”  There IS NO PEACE AND SAFETY apart from God.  Unless America repents — unless AMERICAN CHURCH-GOERS REPENT — unless our PASTORS AND SO-CALLED ‘SHEPHERDS’ REPENT — there will BE NO peace and safety, only God’s ultimate judgment upon a wicked and rebellious nation, and deservedly so!  America USED to export Christianity — sending missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth to win souls.  Now we export Abortion and Sodomy and we IMPORT Islam!   How long do YOU suppose God’s patience will endure?   A better question might be:  “What are YOU planning to do about all this?”

You see, just as Satan uses people — filled with demonic spirits — to achieve his evil goals, God uses HIS people, filled with the HOLY SPIRIT to accomplish His.  There is a spiritual WAR being waged — but God’s people, willing to walk the narrow road, are few, indeed.   Our problem is not the evil THINGS I have mentioned, so much as it’s the church-goers and professing Christians who refuse the Holy Spirit, and turn away from the truth, embracing the lies of the world and it’s wicked ruler, Satan — without even realizing they’re doing it.

Wisconsin Christian News has partnered with the Salt and Light Brigade.  The Brigade is a group of remnant believers from all over the nation who respond to crisis situations, feed the hungry, preach the gospel on the streets and fight evil wherever it raises it’s head.

On June 14, we will begin a NATIONAL Gathering and Deployment of the Salt and Light Brigade near Columbus, Ohio.  Our staging area will be a campground, with facilities for up to 500 people.  You can camp in a tent, RV or camper, or sleep on the floor in the gynmasium there, or get a hotel nearby.  The event will go from June 14-17, and during that time, we will take on these three most dangerous and evil threats I have just mentioned.  We will GO and minister the Gospel at a local mosque, at an abortion center, and at the 2nd largest sodomite “pride” parade in the country.  Last year there were only 22 of us standing against a half million sexual deviants marching pridefully down Broad Street in Columbus.  Among those marching in the parade were at least 40 so-called Christian “churches.

You may THINK you could never be involved in such a ministry.  You may think it’s too scary, too frightening to speak and share the gospel on the street — especially to those whose worldviews are so diametrically opposed to your own.  But having done this many times, I can tell you, God goes before us, and stands with us, and the Holy Spirit speaks through us as we go.  And there IS great fruit borne from our efforts.  I, personally, was able to have some very meaningful discussions and share the truth with some profoundly lost souls last year.   The main thing is that we GO.  We really DO NEED ‘All Hands on Deck’ right now.

You may be praying for our nation and our world.  But may I suggest that THIS event just MAY be the ANSWER to your prayers?  Jesus told us to GO!  We are going. Will you join us?  If you don’t do anything else for the Kingdom of God this year, please make plans now to give the Lord FOUR DAYS of your time, and your life will never be the same.  You see, we MUST do this, if we are to have any hope for the future of our nation, for our children, and our grandchildren.  We simply cannot wait any longer.  If we don’t do this NOW, when WILL we?  Call me for more information.

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  1. I agree, I feel we have been under judgement .. Speaking the truth in love is like throwing a life jacket to someone drowning.. Eventually they may decide to grab on and be pulled back to shore..
    God Bless!

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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