Stand Strong

Exasperation, frustration, and nerves that seem to be stretched like a rubber band, the woman trips as she turns with a pot of hot water. Juggling the pot just so, so as not to slosh any of it on the wee child at her feet, she sucks in a breath of relief that none hit the child.

The day has been long and tiring. The kids have fought, argued, and cried. The dish washer sprang a leak and flooded the kitchen floor. The laundry is piled high, and the microwave broke. Her husband expects a nice dinner on the table and a chilled glass of wine when he walks through the door from work.

She’s ready to scream.

Through dinner she listens as he expounds on his day. Instead of screaming, “What about my lousy day?” she smiles weakly and pretends she’s listening.

Pulling the hero pajamas onto the last of the kids she tucks him in bed and with a quick prayer and a good night kiss she clicks off the light and gently closes the door.

Leaning against the hall wall she fights the tear that tries to escape.  Exhaustion has set in and all she wants is a long hot bubble bath. A cherished time alone.

Her husband passes her in the hall and without looking at her, he states, “I’m going to bed!”

She doesn’t reply.

The water is running hot and the tub fills quickly. Bubbles are already forming high and fluffy. Sticking her foot into the water she slowly slides into the tub and leans back with a long relieving sigh. Closing her eyes she slides a little farther down in the hot welcoming water.

She doesn’t see the invisible Man walk over and place His hands on her ears. She sighs and a smile creases her lips. Her revelry is interrupted when she hears distant music. She cocks her head slightly trying to figure out where its coming from.

She opens her eyes, no one is there, she closes them, and lies quietly in the water listening. “We’re waiting on the Lord….” The voices are so soft and seem miles away and she can’t make out all the words.

“We’re standing waiting on the Lord….”

“Stand strong while we wait…”

“We’re waiting on the Lord. Stand strong, stand strong….”

The song ends and her eyes flutter open. Sitting up she grins. I just heard the heavenly choir. Thank you Lord for helping me to stand strong, she thinks as she steps out of the tub and begins drying off.


(Sue’s version) Psalm 91:2

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  1. Great stuff Sue, blessings to you my friend.



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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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