Genesis 6 – 9 recounts a happening we all are extremely familiar with—Noah building the ark. As this narrative is 3 chapters long I am giving a quick synopsis. Chapter 6 speaks of the wickedness of the people, God’s displeasure with them, and His forthcoming punishment; Noah’s righteous life; and God’s instructions for building the ark and who was to enter. Chapter 7 goes into detail about the humans and animals who came into the ark and that it stormed for 40 days and 40 nights. Chapter 8 covers the period that Noah et all were in the ark after it stopped raining and their exit. The main point Chapter 9 makes in regard to this incident is the rainbow being a sign of God’s covenant that never again would the earth be destroyed by flood. Take time if possible to read chapters 6 – 8.

Now you all reason with me for a minute here. Do you not think that Noah had a pretty good idea that God was going to do what He said that caused him to make a fool of himself and start hammering? My take on this is  that he had assumptive confidence and expectation before he accepted this assignment.

Noah may not have made a public announcement like Abraham and David. (prior posts) But boy did he ever put his faith into public action. There he was day after day in the boiling sun building this monstrosity to protect people from a flood of all things. Not even just a rain—oh no—a flood. So far as I can tell no one had any idea what a flood even was at that point in history. Bible scholars have speculated the time it took for this gigantic boat to be constructed somewhere between 100 and 120 years. Whoa now that’s a job!!! You know people were ridiculing and laughing the entire time. Who would subject themselves to that— to say nothing of the intense, hard physical labor— if they did not believe with every fibre of their being that God was going to honor His word.  

I think Noah must have had a pretty well honed sense of humor. Now I know that God certainly was providing some divine intervention on Noah’s behalf in his endeavors. But still he had to round up all those animals; herd them all inside; get the correct food for each species; get them into their individual corrals. And then I have pondered who got the fun of clean up detail. You cannot help but smile at this visual and Noah must have had to just laugh sometimes.  

Noah’s assumptive confidence in God was certainly rewarded.  He fulfilled His word and delivered Noah and his family without harm onto dry land. They walked out of the ark after approximately 370 days none the worse for the wear except for perhaps a few animal bites and scratches—my comment not the Bible’s!! And Noah’s God ordained mission was accomplished. They had a challenge before them but also a real privilege in a fresh beginning and a brand new earth cleansed of evil and violence and smelling of renewal. 

I love this quote from FDR and it is certainly apropos: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow is our doubt of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.”  

Please forgive a bit of irreverent humor but I cannot resist. Genesis 9 gives some insight into the lives of the family as they were settling in. And verse 21 says Noah planted a vineyard and over indulged a bit in the sampling of his wares. And he got drunk. But I have to say, “Can anyone blame him?” after his ordeal with the flood. My gosh what the man went through.  

As I close today I am sharing this with you. I am an ardent believer in finding joyful moments every single day. Some experiences stand out more than others. And I had just such a happening—an amazing experience just the other morning. I was standing on my patio meditating and praying. There is a tree overhanging the area that Humming Birds enjoy visiting. So it was not a surprise when one appeared.  But instead of flitting from bloom to bloom, as is normal, it landed on a branch and just sat there.  Periodically it would take flight to another branch close by and again just sit.  Never did it gather nectar—it just sat quietly. It frequently turned its little head and looked directly at me. This went on for a good 5 minutes or perhaps more. I knew beyond a doubt that God was using one of His creatures to commune with me. And with Jacob I could say, “Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.” (referencing my prior blog, “Would you recognize Him if you saw Him?) 

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