Have You Received the Best Gift Ever?

We love Him because He first loved us – and demonstrated that love on the cross.


Anything we receive with no expectation of payment is a gift.  People like gifts, and not just at Christmas time.  What gifts have you received today?

God has a gift He wants to give to you, the best gift you will ever receive.  It is of course a free gift – well you say, duh, what other kind of gift is there?  Well, there are gifts, and then there are His gifts.

Salvation is a free gift, but that in no way means that it was free.

God the Father loves you so much that He gave His Son for you, and for me – for anyone willing to receive Him.  God did this so that you and I could have our sins forgiven, and then spend all of eternity with Him in Heaven.

Can I get an Amen here?

Who else would love you so much, that he would die for you?  I can hear the answers to that one already.  But it was not just a simple matter of dying.

The Lord of all Creation was ridiculed, spit upon, and tormented, forced to wear a painful crown of thorns in derision.  The Son, who created everything by the Word of His power, was cruelly scourged and beaten, people who were scourged had their skin shredded, often bone would be exposed.  Some researchers believe that Christ’s scourging was so brutal, that internal organs may even have been visible.  This scourging and beating as brutal and painful as it was – was only the beginning.

The pain of being crucified was far worse.  Yet even worse than this was the torment Christ (Messiah) had to suffer for my sin and your sin.  On top of all that, the Father turned away from the Son.  And ALL of this was done – while we all were the enemies of God.  Just imagine – someone who loves you enough, that even though your sins made you His enemy, He would willingly suffer horrible torment and agony, and even death – so that you and I could have our sins be forgiven, and receive the free gift of salvation.

Our soul is eternal, only our body will die.  Either we spend eternity with God, or we spend eternity in Hell.  Not making a choice IS making a choice.  Would you rather spend eternity in torment because you sinned (we all do), or spend eternity in Heaven, where there will be no more sin, no more death, and no more unhappiness?

Jesus made a way for us to do this – regardless of anything you have done.  You need only confess your sins to Him asking for forgiveness, giving Him the throne of your heart – and believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is even now alive, living to make intercession for us with the Father.  The only way to the Father is though Jesus Christ the Son.

Understand, no prayer is going to save anyone.  The prayer is a profession of faith in Jesus.  The real saving happens because you are sincere, because you truly want to change, and you truly welcome Jesus into your heart, your soul.  Because you truly desire to follow Him and do as He commands us to do.

We love Him because He first loved us – and demonstrated that love on the cross.  Jesus Christ was not killed by anyone.  No – Christ allowed Himself to die, to suffer in OUR place, for OUR sin.  What greater love could there ever be?

This Christmas – actually every day, celebrate the fact that the very God of the universe, the Creator of all things, the Eternal Lord, the King of kings, the Giver of life and the Lover of our souls – purchased for us the greatest gift we will ever receive.

Have you received your gift?


May your Christmas be Merry
Your day be bright
May your night shine
With Heaven’s light

With Jesus as the reason
We celebrate the season
The birth of the Babe
Our deliverance was Made

Lights, trees and gifts
Friends, family, and gatherings
Our Lord did heal the rift
let us worship Him and not the gifts

Your place is set
So do not fret
For us Christ came
We must revere the same

To all a good night
Enjoy the Christmas Light
What a joy is our Gift
As we celebrate the Mender
Of the once great rift


To receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please take a few minutes and read this post, it will the BEST decision you ever make:

The Must Read Interview with Satan – How to be Saved

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3 replies

  1. It isn’t about a fat man in a red suit or green trees with bobbles. You are right – The greatest gift is Jesus and our gift of salvation. Merry Christmas Greg and many blessings to you in the new year.

  2. Thank God for giving mankind the greatest gift – Our Lord Jesus Christ. To all who believe, the promise of eternal peaceful rest, from the pain and cares of the present life.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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