Thought for Today 06/13/2021: Hope for the Weary Soul

If we act in faith, then the faith feelings will come in time


By Greg Holt

“9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  Galatians 6:9

(ICB)  Are any of you weary?  Weary in body, weary in spirit, maybe just worn out?  Sometimes a person is just plain tired.  Sometimes however, a person may have a heavy spirit, we are “tired” of the battle as it may seem we put in the “work” and we get precisely nowhere.

I’m weary in body and spirit as I write this.  It’s tough at times to do as you know you should.  I say this not at all seeking sympathy, but more as a simple statement of fact.  This weariness happens to us all at times, if you are alive, then you will be or are tired and weary at some point.  We have to be able to deal with it and move forward.

I’ve heard it said that love is action.  I’ve also heard it said that if we act in love, then the emotion will catch up.  The same basic principle applies here I think.  If we act in faith, then the faith feelings will come in time.  What doesn’t change, no not ever – is the fact that we always have the care, concern, and love of God with us, not to mention the daily intersession of Christ Himself.  Christ is not a name by the way.  Christ is a title, Messiah.  So the very Messiah intercedes for us. Wow right?

Imagine if Jesus decided He did not want to do something because He was tired (Jesus human body was subject to human limitations remember), annoyed etc.

Sorry folks, I don’t feel like feeding 5000 people today so I guess you all go hungry.  Hey sorry man, I’m not feeling the healing vibes today, so you aren’t receiving your site today.  Sorry boys, I’m not feeling like being tortured, beaten, and killed today, so deal with your problems yourselves.

While we are not Jesus, it is obvious (or it should be) that we are expected to do our part.  God doesn’t need us to do anything – and yet He makes it clear we are serve Him, to spread the Gospel, to pray for others, to help others, to encourage others and so much more.

While rewards are nice, that should not be our sole focus, if it is, Houston, we have a problem.  Considering that Jesus literally saved our lives (our eternal spiritual life) after we repeatedly torpedoed ourselves, we should have a heart that willingly desires to serve Him in whatever way He asks us too.

We are not to become weary in well doing.  Who knows but that the encouraging comment you made was just enough to help that person get through the day.  Maybe your conversation with someone about God, the Bible etc was exactly what that person needed.  That article you wrote really inspired someone, or your artwork maybe.  The meal you made and shared with someone made their day.  Maybe your combined actions that you see little value in is/was/will be the impetus for someone to come to Christ.

If you cut your finger deeply, you are not going to ignore it, you will treat yourself with the appropriate first aid, or get stitches, the finger is a part of your body so you take care of it.  In the same way we are all part of Christ’s body, and we need to take care of one another.


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  1. “… Weary in body, weary in spirit, maybe just worn out? Sometimes a person is just plain tired.”
    I’m all of them. Come Lord Jesus come.


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