Stop Being a Victim

You’ve been trained to believe that to embrace this lifestyle, transgender, homosexual etc., is to embrace your true self


By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News

I had planned to discuss a different topic in my message today, but this can’t wait.  My heart has been broken over the last few weeks as I’m contacted more and more often lately from readers, listeners and viewers who are grieving for their children — children who have recently announced they’re either homosexual or “transgender.”  These parents are devastated as they mourn for their kids, and even moreso because their kids refuse to talk to them or listen to anything they have to say.

So this message is for those young people who believe they’re somewhere on the LGBTQP+ spectrum or believe they’re “transgender.”  I’m going to be speaking specifically to high school and college-age students here, but younger children are now struggling with this as well.

So young people, maybe you won’t listen to your parents.  But maybe — just maybe — you’ll listen to me, a stranger.  Now, I have no doubt that what I’m about to say is going to make you very angry.  You’ll be tempted to reject outright all the information I’m going to share with you.  I hope you don’t do that.  I have no reason to lie to you.  What’s more, I’m sure that you, as a young person hate hypocrites and liars.  You pride yourself on being open-minded and inclusive.  You may even claim that all opinions have an equally valid place at the table, and all information should be considered before making an informed decision.  My first question to you, then, is — are you willing to listen to what I have to say, with an open mind?  Or do you only listen to what validates what you already believe?

Because here’s the deal: whether you choose to believe it or not, you’ve been lied to and exploited by many people and many organizations.  Very likely for your whole life.  You’ve been treated as nothing but a pawn in someone’s perverted game.  You’ve been used.  And you have most certainly been abused.  Your innocence has been stolen and so has your childhood, your heart and your mind.  And this was all done to you purposely — to further someone else’s agenda.  They told you it was for your benefit, of course.  That’s how they got you to trust them.  You trusted them.  But it’s all been a lie.

It’s very likely that you’ve been lied to by your teachers, your school, various groups, clubs and organizations, social media, pop culture, TV, music performers, sports teams, movie stars and perhaps even the church you attend.  Your mind has been bent and twisted by evil people with evil intentions.  They purposesly set out to hurt you and they have.  Perhaps even your body has been abused and maybe you even allowed it, thinking you were being “progressive” or acting as a “grownup” using your own free will.

I think I can safely say that if you’re currently struggling with thoughts of being homosexual or “transgender” or any number of other sexual deviancies being pushed as the popular latest “thing,” one thing is certain: you’re in a great deal of emotional and spiritual turmoil right now and your conscience won’t leave you alone, no matter how much “validation” your so-called ‘friends’ might offer you.  You know something isn’t right.

Yet the enticement to be ‘LGBTQP+’ continues.  The bait is set and the lure is waiting to hook you and reel you in; it’s already gotten ahold of so many others.  And today, it seems everyone is eager to heartily celebrate you for being so “courageous” to “come out” and declare yourself to be one of these “rainbow” people.  If you take the bait, you, too, will be celebrated, treated like a hero, and you’ll find a community of others in which to take shelter so you’ll feel like you’re a part of something.  Like you have a family.  Perhaps you don’t realize it, but all these others are just as confused and miserable as you are.  Most of them have been exploited too.

The LGBTQP+ movement has been slithering into the public school system (and even churches) for years now.  It’s one of the most powerful forces in the world and it’s celebrated as being “cool,” “progressive,” and “better-than-normal.”  You’ve been trained to believe that to embrace this lifestyle is to embrace your true self.  But understand this one thing: they have turned the truth into a lie and lies into perceived “truth.”  They’ve turned everything upside down and backwards — and they did it all to capture your mind and manipulate your thoughts and actions.  This is what they do.

First of all, understand, there are two forces at work in this world: good and evil.  Good and evil war against one another and have done so since time began.  Along with good and evil there are truth and lies.  If you’re not acutely aware of this, you can become a victim of confusion and mental illness instead of having confidence and peace.  All of this leads to one of two outcomes: abundant health and life or profound sickness and death.

Whether you want to hear it or not, GOD is real and He is good.  Satan is also all-too-real and exceedingly evil.  Just as God gives all good things, always and can only speak the truth, Satan is the exact opposite.  He entices the innocent into evil and he turns absolute truth into very clever lies — even believable lies — but they’re still absolute lies.  When a person is saturated with lies long enough, their mind becomes confused and their thinking becomes distorted and twisted, and all this can lead to utter madness.

This radical homosexual — and now “transgender” — agenda has wormed it’s way into every area of society, but it especially targets young children.  You don’t see them recruiting at Senior Citizen Centers but you DO see them working hard to recruit young, innocent children in preschools.  Why do you suppose that is?  If they can get ahold of a child’s mind from the age of 3, 4 or 5, they can convince them of almost anything… including questioning their own gender as insane as that may sound.  This is being done by LGBTQP+ ACTIVISTS.  Yes, ACTIVISTS.  They are active and they have a plan and an agenda: YOU, and as many other young people as they can recruit, and then groom, and then manipulate — and eventually turn them into activists as well.  This is how they reproduce.

I understand that as a young person, you were most likely awkward and uncomfortable with yourself since about the time you reached puberty.  This is normal and all kids go through it.  Your body is changing, your hormones are raging and sometimes you just want to go crawl under a rock.  You have frequent mood swings.  You begin to question everything.  And after having laid a foundation of doubt in your mind in preschool, kindergarten and grade school, this is when these LGBTQP+ activists pounce.

They have a curriculum to make you question everything and this is when the lies start to intensify.  They even make you believe they’re your best friends, your advocates, while at the same time telling you that your parents are your enemies and not to be trusted.  It’s insidious and absolutely evil, from the very pits of hell.  Satan, the enemy of your soul, is out to destroy you, while turning everything that God created for good into something foul and evil and perverted.

Understand that God created everything in the universe, He created this earth with all it’s inhabitants, including human beings.  He made the Earth to be the perfect habitat for His creation and set NATURAL laws in motion.  Part of this included creating all living things male and female.  Contrary to what you’ve been told, there is not an infinite number of genders, and just because someone has convinced you to believe you’re a certain thing, that doesn’t mean you are that thing.

God tells us, in His Word, that He created us male and female, that He knew us before we were born, and that He knit us together in our mothers’ wombs.  He does NOT make mistakes.  He created YOU for a specific purpose, and like all living creatures, He either made you male or female.  This is how everything reproduces.  He created the earth and all living beings to be fruitful and multiply — filling the world with abundant LIFE.

In contrast, Satan wants to destroy everything good — including young people, who Jesus especially loves.  Satan and his demons specifically target young people.  If he can’t get them murdered in the womb through abortion, he’ll target them relentlessly until he captures their minds.

God did not make any mistakes when He created you; when He knit YOU together in your mother’s womb.  He knew you before you were conceived.  He wants to love you and He wants to save you, but for that to happen, YOU must repent of all the lies you’ve been taught to believe, YOU must break the brainwashing.  YOU must seek the truth.  If you do, God won’t keep the truth hidden from you.  On the contrary, He will REVEAL it to you and set you free.

Does all this sound like a fairy tale?  Me talking about God?  What’s more likely — what’s more NATURAL — that Almighty God made all created things; He created you to be just as you were when you were born, either male or female, meant to marry someone of the opposite gender and then be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth… or that if YOU decide to be a different gender and believe that you are, then you are?  I’m sorry, but you are either a male or a female and you were created to have a life-long mate of the opposite gender, to marry, bear children and raise them up to know and love and worship the Lord God Almighty.  That’s the truth.

When I was a kid, I used to watch daredevils on supersonic motorcycles use ramps to jump over massive rows of cars or structures — even the Grand Canyon.  In my play time, I also built ramps and tried to jump over a row of Tonka trucks with my bicycle.  In those days, probably every young boy did the same.  But it was pretend.  It wasn’t real, and more often than not, I crashed, went in the house scraped up and bleeding and my mom would have to bandage me up.  We also played “cops and robbers” — yet in reality, I was neither.  Sometimes I also pretended to be the “Six Million Dollar Man” (I’ll let you Google that).  Again — it was just pretend; just play time; just using my imagination.

Kids have imaginations and they use them.  Unfortunately, Leftists, Communists, Marxists, God-haters and the militant LGBTQP+ activists are exploiting young imaginations — AND they’re putting twisted, perverted ideas directly into the minds of today’s kids.  By fifth grade they begin training those kids to be perversion activists themselves.  By college, young people hate America, having been taught fake history their whole lives; they no longer believe in God, having been taught about the “superstition” and “evils” of Christianity their whole lives; and they doubt their own gender, having been saturated with sodomite indoctrination their whole lives.

Let me ask you a question: if what you THOUGHT you believed to be true, regarding God, life on this earth, your purpose here and your eternal soul turned out to be wrong — WHEN would you want to know?  One more question: if you had a daughter who was extremely thin, but in her mind, she believed she was fat, what would you do?  Would you get her help for an obvious mental health disorder?  Or would you say, “you go, girl, go get that liposuction surgery!”

Homosexuality is not natural, and not normal and can never produce life.  And there are only two genders.  Bruce Jenner is still a man.  He can play dress up all he wants, he can have as many surgeries as he wants, but he’ll never be a woman.  And pretending to be feminine does not make him any kind of hero.  You’ve been used and exploited but it’s time to stop being a victim.  You stop being a victim when you stop just accepting obvious lies and start looking and studying for yourself the wicked AGENDA that has sucked you and so many others into it’s evil clutches.  And anyone who encourages you in these lies does NOT have your best interests in mind.  They’re doing the bidding of your enemy, Satan.  One final thought: perhaps you’re experimenting with this because you want to be rebellious or “counter-cultural.”  If that’s that case, you’re failing.  Want to be REALLY “counter-cultural?”  Push back against the popular lies and stand strong on the truth of the Word of God.  That will make you the most radical person your age anyone around you knows.  That will make you a true hero.  Not a phoney.


© 2022 Rob Pue


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  1. I really hope this gets through to at least a few young people but knowing the younger generation, like many of us, they won’t listen. They may read a paragraph or two, make a sarcastic remark and delete. I hope not but with this brainwashed, mind controlled younger generation, I’m not holding my breath. Thank you Rob for telling the truth, hopefully some will listen. Blessings to you.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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