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By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News


I’d guess most of you are familiar with “memes,” which come across social media sites and emails.  These have become very popular in recent years, because of peoples’ short attention spans.  They feature a photograph or other image, and just a few words that get a message across succinctly and quickly.

Often times, “memes” are meant to be humorous.  Other times ironic.  And other times sarcastic or sardonic.  But the idea is to put out an image that gets one’s attention, and overlay it with a short phrase to make a point quickly.

While it’s sad that so few people are now willing to take the time to read a ten- or fifteen-minute article in full, I’ve come to realize that “memes” can play an important role in this age of instant information sharing.

So, in today’s message, I’d like to share a few that I’ve found particularly poignant.  I will share these with you, in no particular order, and hope they provide some food for thought.  I won’t be making any comments on these, as they tend to speak for themselves.

First, we have an image of Rod Serling, who hosted the old “Twilight Zone” television series.  The message on this one is: “Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it, for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it.”

The next one is just text on a plain background.  It reads, “Everything is backwards right now. We are private citizens. The government should know nothing about us. They are public servants. We should know everything about them.”

Next, we have an image of a weeping Statue of Liberty and the words, “Whatever happens next, do not comply!”

Then, a graphic showing a young David, standing in the enormous shadow of Goliath.  The text on this one reads, “The Lord fought for David, but he still had to show up on the battlefield.”

Another “meme” that struck me as an important reminder says, “When you tell someone that you will pray for them, you have made a promise to speak to God on their behalf. Those are serious words, not to be taken lightly. Someone is counting on you.”

And as many Americans are once again buying into the COVID lies of a new “variant,” there’s this “meme” with an image of a dog wearing a muzzle and a young woman wearing a blue paper mask.  The text simply states a plain fact: “Obedience Training.”

Then, there’s another one with no photograph, but simply text that reads, “Pedophilia is not a sexual preference. Bugs are not food. mRNA injections are not vaccines. Men are not women. The ‘news’ is not real. Climate change is not a threat. The government is not your friend.”

The next one I’d like to share gives some interesting information from our recent history.  It states, “Andrew Breitbart supposedly died of ‘natural causes’ by collapsing on March 1, 2012 after threatening to release videos on Barack Obama because Obama was never properly vetted in the 2008 election. He stated that ‘The videos will greatly affect the 2012 election and I will release them just before November.’ A couple weeks later, the coroner who worked on his body, mysteriously died by poisoning.”

Then we have this: “Only in America can you murder a child at birth but go to jail if you spank them. Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

And this: “Military age illegals let in by Biden now outnumber our USA military 6 to 1.”

The next one may be border-line “off color,” but I believe it makes an important statement regarding the wokeness of our sick society today.  It features a photograph of the morbidly obese United States assistant secretary for health, Rachel, formerly Richard Levine — the first openly “transgender” federal official in the US that required Senate confirmation.  Along with the photo of Levine, the “meme” simply says, “a health reminder to all Liberal women — it’s time for your annual prostate check.”

Here’s one that speaks to modern American priorities.  A photograph of astronaut Buzz Aldren with the words: “Went to the moon. Took five photos.” Next to that is an image of a college-age young woman taking a “selfie,” which reads: “Went to the bathroom. Took 37 photos.”

Turning Point USA posted one with four photos.  The first depicts an image of one of America’s inner-city neighborhoods, quite likely Dearborn, Michigan.  The buildings and streets are in shambles, and it reads, “Your city on Socialism.”  Next is a photo of a hospital room in a third-world country, filthy dirty in deplorable condition and the text says, “Your hospital on Socialism.”  Then an image of empty grocery store shelves and the words, “Your grocery store on Socialism.”  And finally, an image of a huge, lavish mansion with a beautifully manicured lawn.  This one declares, “Your politician on Socialism.”

Another one, showing rows of empty shelves in a Walmart-type setting has the headline: “Socialism For Dummies,” and the explanation: “Everything is free…but we’re all out of it.”

Moving on with our “memes,” the heading of this next one just asks, “Awake Yet?”  Then there’s a timeline, as follows: “1960s — oil gone in ten years….1970s — another ice age in ten years…1980s — acid rain will destroy all crops in ten years…1990s — the ozone layer will be gone in ten years…2000 — ice caps will be gone in ten years.”  Then the words, “NONE HAPPENED, but all resulted in more taxes.”

Another good reminder comes in the following “meme.”  It features an image of “The Sword of the Spirit” and includes the admonition: “Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the truth. Worry about who will be misled and deceived if you don’t.”

Another appropriate meme for our time shows a mother and daughter having a conversation.  The daughter asks, “Mom, what is a ‘contradiction?’”  And the mother responds, “Believing that 18-year-olds couldn’t understand their student loans, but 7-year-olds can choose their gender.”

This next one shows a row of limos being driven off a jumbo jet with the words, “Never forget, the world’s elite put million-dollar limousines on billion dollar jets to fly around the world to tell you to reduce your carbon footprint.”

Another “meme” gets to the basics quickly as well.  This one says, “The bankers will ensure wee stay in debt. The pharmaceutical companies will ensure we stay sick. The weapons manufacturers will ensure we keep going to war. The media will ensure we are prevented from knowing the truth. The government will ensure all of this is done ‘legally.’”

And yet another states, “Insanity is when illegal refugees get $4000 a month in federal assistance while social security checks average $1200 a month.”

Then there is an image of a man sleeping soundly on a couch.  The statement above his head reads “Typical American.”  Meanwhile, the other end of the couch has burst into flames and that reads “America.”

And another warning we should all take careful note of.  An image of a battalion of military troops, all from foreign countries, and all wearing blue “UN” helmets.  The caption says, “When you see this, it will be too late.”

Hearkening back to the year 2020, we have an image of people at a nearly empty airport terminal, all dutifully standing six feet apart.  The next photo in this “meme” comes with the words “thirty minutes later…” and shows a commercial plane crammed full of people, packed in like sardines.

Here’s a little more history for you in the form of a “meme.”  It states, “When Rome was falling, they constantly hyped circuses to distract citizens. Remember that when you see sports on every station, and all are watching videos on iPhones.”

Another statement: “Our leaders and not incompetent. They’re not stupid either. They’re communists. You know that, right?”

Another “meme” shows an image of a young woman along with the words, “I went to Planned Parenthood to see if they could help me plan for being a parent…turns out they don’t do that.”

This next one is a little sarcastic, but again, offers food for thought, for those willing to think independently.  It’s an image of a young man getting the latest ‘COVID’ jab, and he’s asking, “What variant does this protect me against?” The nurse administering the shot replies, “You’re actually helping transgender Ukrainians fight global warming.”

Then we have one with an image of a man next to an image of a woman.  The text reads, “According to science and religion, there are only two genders. Males have 1 X and 1 Y chromosome and females have 2 X chromosomes.” Then some Scripture, “In the day that God created man, He made him in His own likeness. Male and female He created them, and He blessed them….(Genesis 5:1-2).”  And it closes with the words “Nothing will ever change this.”

And one last one I’d like to share.  Text only, which reads, “Nobody who votes for open borders wants to live with illegals in their neighborhood. Nobody who votes for defunding the police is willing to walk at night without them. Nobody who votes for ‘equity’ quotas would use a ‘diversity-hire’ as a surgeon. Wokeness ends when we force them to live with the consequences of their policies.”

I realize this message is “all over the place,” covering many topics and issues.  I also know that the “memes” I have shared here do not delve very deeply into the subjects they talk about.

Being a reader and researcher myself, I often must delve deeply into many lengthy articles, lectures, video clips and alternative media sources to dig out the truth of an issue I’m writing or speaking about.  So, I understand that to get to the real truth in today’s culture of censorship and deliberate disinformation, with the truth being banned in the mainstream media, by government and private organizations — just about everywhere you look, really — takes a great deal of time.

In my work, I do my best to dig through all that and present messages that distill all the vital information down to one coherent article.  Many appreciate that I do that.  But others still won’t bother to read something if it takes more than a minute.  For many today, one minute is the maximum length of their attention span.

Thus, we live in a world where “memes” can convey an important message in the fastest way possible.  I hope that some of these things at least cause people to pause for a moment and think and question the “official narratives” that fill the atmosphere these days.  A lot of truth can often be conveyed with just one picture and a handful of words, but to really gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding takes longer, more effort and the willingness to be a little bit better than “just average.”


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