Man Dies, Returns, Says It’s All About the “Vibes” – No One Stays In Hell

By Greg Holt


NDEs (Near Death Experience) are everywhere so it seems, and it would seem that many of these NDEs as related today follow a particular narrative – namely that we have nothing to worry about after death.

Hell isn’t real, and if it is, there is nothing to be concerned about; Hell is merely a way station, a stopping point in your journey to Heaven, because apparently, everyone will arrive in Heaven at some point.  What one did in life does not seem to weigh in the balance, in fact there doesn’t seem to be much of a balance at all.

If it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

People are searching for something, something to believe in, and something to place their hopes in – as long as that something doesn’t include Jesus Christ.

The gentleman in this video died, and then found himself “flying through this star-filled realm.”  He was surrounded by stars and orbs etc., and they were in his words, “so welcoming.”

“All I felt was everything a human ever wants to feel.”

“Just acceptance, and love, and joy, and being held.”

Notice the theme here, everything is nice, it’s pleasant, it’s all about “feeling.”  This man doesn’t strike me as trying to pull the wool over my eyes, he seems in fact to be down to earth, genuine, and THAT is even scarier.

“And all those things, all those negative things we have about ourselves, they were gone.”

“I was flying through this star-filled realm feeling absolutely ecstatic. Like a cosmic orgasm.”

Wow, seriously???

Then he begins speaking about vibes and vibrations. This sounds rather New Age doesn’t it?  At this point I was expecting talk of chakras, the Light, energies etc., anything but a biblical perspective.

Then this gentleman “lands” after having “expanded” and flew through the stars etc.  Where he “landed” was so far left of weird, I was amazed he actually believed his “vision” was authentic and true.

“It had indirect lighting, and there were gurneys around, and there was equipment that was hanging from the ceiling.”

It was like a clinic he says, and then he meets these three strange looking “beings.”  Beings that look like classic alien invaders.  In fact this guy says they look just like the aliens from the movie Communion.

Here is the description of that movie from Wikipedia:

“it tells a story of a family that experiences an extraterrestrial phenomenon while on vacation at a remote home in the wilderness during which the father is abducted and all of their lives change.”

These aliens were apparently “sweethearts” and had “big smiles on their face.”

One would think that a vision entailing these things would be a wake up call; that said vision in one’s head would scream DANGER!  Apparently not.  I’m not making fun of this guy, but a logical look at this strongly suggests that said vision doesn’t hold water.  But, as I said before, people are hungry, and that all-consuming hunger blinds what may be otherwise their good/common sense.

“And then there was this other guy.”  This “other” guy was the one in charge and he wasn’t “very strict at all!”  He (the guy in charge) was all smiles, chuckles, and it was like the “relationship between a father and a child.”

I noticed that he loosely paralleled themes found in the Bible, twisting them all out of context of course.  Even worse, and far more dangerous, he makes a veiled reference to Hell, and that Hell is really not what we think it is.

He says, “Its up to us to create our vibration.”  Here we go with the vibration stuff again, this is referenced throughout the whole video.  He says that when we die, we will match that low vibration (Bad things we did in life etc.) and that is where we will be “stuck.”  He goes on to say that it’s “not forever it’s just till we sort out where we went wrong in this life.”

In other words, just like the belief long taught by the Catholic church, when you die, you may end up in Purgatory, a place where you can “work” off the balance of your sins, and then you can go on to Heaven.  There won’t be any Hell, at least not a literal “forever” place of punishment; we’ve got it all wrong.

People “sort it” out like a woman he refers to who was in a coma, and in Hell apparently – and she “sorted it out.”  The woman was singing a “spiritual song” that she sang in church, and she, “popped right out of Hell.”

This violates Scripture in so many ways, and people watch this stuff and are reeled in by these fantasies told by possibly well-meaning people – but these stories are exceedingly dangerous.  You could say that these “stories,” for that is all they are, are spawned by Satan himself.

People are hungry, they are starving for food, spiritual food – only they want nothing to do with the only true source of spiritual nourishment that there is, Jesus Christ.  They will take anything and everything BUT Jesus.

This is like a man having a tender, juicy, hot, perfectly cooked succulent steak placed in front of him, and rather than eating the steak, he gets up and goes looking for a well done, dry, and tasteless hamburger.

To prove my point here, the video that this article is based on was only posted about seven months ago, and has well over SIX MILLION views!

These NDEs that purport that there is absolutely nothing to fear after death, because it will be all cakes and honey – are all over YouTube.  People are gobbling this stuff up like their favorite meal.

What is really sad here is that all of these people are going to face a very rude “awakening” after death when they (Unless they wake up and “smell the coffee, and come to Jesus before death) find themselves in Hell, and there is NO exit to be found.

These so-called NDEs promising a beautiful utopia after death regardless of the life one lived here on Earth are fantasy, pure sophistry, plain and simple.

It deeply upsets me how many people are reeled in and made believers of this kind of thing, which is exactly the aim of Satan.  If you believe in this pseudo type(s) of a so-called Heaven, you will not listen to what the Bible has to say.

The Bible is very clear, there are consequences for our behavior, there is no free ride, and there most certainly is a Hell, and Hell will be populated by “good” people and bad, all who believed in the fantasy of their choice, while thrusting aside the Bible and spitting in God’s eye.  But most don’t want to hear that.

If you spurn Christ, or you are foolish enough to trust in your own supposed goodness, then you will wind up in Hell.  On the other hand, if you come to Christ and are genuinely sorry for your sin (wrongdoing) and repent of it (change your actions and even thoughts), and place your trust and belief in Jesus alone to save you – then you will go to Heaven.

God will not choose for you, you’ve been given the freedom to decide for yourself – choose wisely.


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  1. I would think that people would see right through this ridiculous video you are talking about, but on the other hand I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as so many (reportedly) are turning to satan. By the way I’m writing another novel and my character goes to heaven. NOT the one he’s talking about though! 🙂

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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