The Emperor Has No Clothes, and His Followers/Handlers Are Intellectually Stunted

By Greg Holt

I recently read an article by NPR, whom reiterated a surprising amount of facts, given that they are a leftist mouthpiece, but not all of said article was factual.

“Trump and Biden are both unpopular and were each the oldest president to serve when they were in office.

Biden’s age (81) is a bigger liability than Trump’s (77), according to polls, but majorities of Americans say both are too old to be president.” (Source)

First off, Trump being “unpopular” is a flat out lie that NPR can only wish was true.  If Trump were indeed unpopular – then his rallies would not be sold out huge political events.  Neither would the leftist Democrats have needed to use criminal means to win in 2020 either.

If the “majority” of Americans indeed believe that Trump is too old to be president again, then would someone at NPR please explain to me why there is so much enthusiasm behind Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign?

Age as a factor for being president is a misnomer.  I personally would not care if the president was 90, and rolling around the White House in a wheel chair!  What I care about is the president’s mind.

It is highly apparent that Biden is not qualified to be president regardless of what political party you support.  I don’t care about Biden’s age, but when your president often seems to not know where he is, easily gets confused, trails off in the middle of a sentence, wanders around until someone takes him by the arm etc., then it is just as readily apparent that the man has some serious mental issues, and/or dementia.  Now this is not meant as some off-color inappropriate attack on Biden, it is merely the truth – as anyone who has more than a few brain cells rattling around inside their skull can determine for themselves.

“Looking at videos of Biden and really reading into it, I just — he mentally just can’t handle, I think, an election at all,” said Skylar Swan, 23, who attended a recent Trump rally in Summerville, South Carolina. As for Trump, she said, “When you look at him, yeah, he says things that are crazy, and he’s a little hardcore. But it’s also like, that’s the type of guy I wouldn’t want to mess with.” (Source)

Half of our current problems are do to Biden, including his incompetence as president and the fact that people and nations feel free to “mess” with Biden – there is no bite behind the bark.

When former president Ronald Reagan walked into a room, he had the respect of many people, Reagan had a presence, when he spoke, people listened, same with former president Donald Trump.  Biden has no such presence, and precious little respect.

We need a strong leader in the White House, and Biden is not it, and Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris is no better.  Both Biden and Harris are unpopular, with Harris’ accomplishments in office being practically zero; all while even the media largely ignores her.

“Now, though, most observers anxious about Biden’s public senility find no solace in Harris. If Biden needed to be replaced as the Democratic nominee, scuttlebutt suggests establishment Democrats would prefer to skip over Harris and look first to Govs. Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer. This is not normal.” (Source)

Not even the leftist lunes seem to want another replay of the Biden/Harris ticket.

With gas prices rising, and expected to continue rising due to Middle East issues, as well as the Russia/Ukraine situation – this would be the perfect addition to the reasons for the Democrats to rid themselves of Biden and Harris – not that the Politicrats on either side of the aisle need such insignificant things as “reasons” for their actions, or lack thereof.

Then again, if Trump had remained in office, the United States would not have all the problems it does now, or those problems would be of less significance.

Trump isn’t the be-all and end-all, but things were better under his leadership.  If one associates the word “leadership” in any way with Biden, well one would need to have his or her head examined.

Under Trump the U.S. SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) at least stayed on an even keel (Trump tried to completely fill it, but was blocked by Democrats), under Biden, over 40% of the SPR is gone.  Our reserves have not been this low since 1984.

The U.S. was well on its way to being energy independent under Trump, then Biden takes office – and shuts down a huge oil pipeline (the Keystone XL pipeline) on his first day in office no less, declares no more oil drilling on U.S. owned lands, wants to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline, and is pushing wind and solar energy in place of oil (As well as battery powered cars).  The problem is that wind and solar contrary to what many people believe is fraught with problems and really does not work very well.

Trump ousted the Chinese from our second largest seaport in the country – China was in control of it.

U.S. companies returned their businesses to the U.S.  Many companies were not only hiring, they were handing out bonuses and investing in their employees retirement funding.

Trump insured that other NATO members began to pay their fair share.  Before Trump, WE paid the bill for many members or part of it.

Under Trump “religion” had a little more freedom, under Biden, the attacks on those who believe in Jesus are done openly and even some law enforcement participates (If you doubt this, go to a “pride” parade in a large city).

Pastors are even openly attacked, some have even been arrested.  Pastor Jack Hibbs who gave the prayer before Congress as a guest chaplain has been unrelentingly attacked by the media and members of Congress because he dared to speak the truth.

“The lawmakers lamented his comments during the opening prayer as guest chaplain. They took issue with Hibbs’ use of the terms “holy fear,” “repentance” and “national sins,” describing them as “allusions to the militant and fanatical agenda he preaches about the LGBTQ+ community, Jews, Muslims, and anyone who conflicts with his ‘biblical worldview.'” (Source)

You can see the video of Pastor Hibbs prayer here, and the Congressional letter of complaint here.  The letter refers to Pastor Hibbs as an “ill-qualified hate preacher,” sounds like the sentiments of what the Pharisees, not to mention many people today think of Jesus Christ.

Biden needs to be booted out of office this November, and Trump needs to return.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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