The Truth of God

By Donald Whitchard   2 Timothy 4:1-5,Romans 1:16-17,1 Peter 2:22,John 14:6,Acts 4:12,2 Thessalonians 2:8   Summary: God’s Word is truth in a world of contradictions and falsehood.  We must, as followers of Jesus Christ, stay firm in what Scripture teaches… Read More ›

God’s Covenant with Noah

By Donald Whitchard Genesis 8:20-22,Genesis 9:1-7,Zechariah 14:1-3,Revelation 19:15   Summary: The flooding of the earth had accomplished its purpose.  Noah and his family exited the Ark to witness the chaotic effects and consequences that the world’s disobedience brought upon itself. … Read More ›

In Terms of Eternity

  Despite the arrogant reprobate attitudes of some who wish to be free of God, ALL will stand before God to be judged   By Donald Whitchard Luke 12:13-21,Mark 9:43-48,Luke 16:19-31,Hebrews 9:27,2 Corinthians 5:10,Revelation 20:11-15,John 5:28-29,John 3:16   Summary: The… Read More ›

The Legacy We Leave Behind

We only get one chance here in this world, and then comes the judgement, a life is a terrible thing to waste…   By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News   AUTHOR’S NOTE: THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN AND… Read More ›

The Pandemic of Doubting God

The truth is, no matter what comes, we can’t help or save ourselves –  apart from God, we can do nothing   By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News   Worry.  Anxiety.  Depression.  These disorders have reached pandemic proportions… Read More ›