The Truth of God

By Donald Whitchard   2 Timothy 4:1-5,Romans 1:16-17,1 Peter 2:22,John 14:6,Acts 4:12,2 Thessalonians 2:8   Summary: God’s Word is truth in a world of contradictions and falsehood.  We must, as followers of Jesus Christ, stay firm in what Scripture teaches… Read More ›

In Terms of Eternity

  Despite the arrogant reprobate attitudes of some who wish to be free of God, ALL will stand before God to be judged   By Donald Whitchard Luke 12:13-21,Mark 9:43-48,Luke 16:19-31,Hebrews 9:27,2 Corinthians 5:10,Revelation 20:11-15,John 5:28-29,John 3:16   Summary: The… Read More ›

The Legacy We Leave Behind

We only get one chance here in this world, and then comes the judgement, a life is a terrible thing to waste…   By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News   AUTHOR’S NOTE: THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN AND… Read More ›

We Are Without Excuse

Understand that God doesn’t send anyone to hell, we choose to go there by our denial of Christ   By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News   I really can’t understand how people can live without God.  Our American culture… Read More ›

A Sanctified Sorrow

Lately, I’ve been keenly aware of what lies ahead for everyone on planet earth. I see America imploding due to sin, hate, and violence. The devil is trying his best to rip God out of our nation. Christians are being… Read More ›

He is Risen!

By Lyle Rapacki Editor’s Note: We are once again publishing this Easter favorite. This wonderful article by Lyle has become a yearly favorite here at TCP. From all of us here at TCP, Happy Resurrection Day! Jesus Christ died.  He… Read More ›

Fear Not!

We are presently living through turbulent times. With the volatile stock market, many folks are worried about their retirement funds. As the Corona Virus escalates, Americans are panicking. An ugly frenzy over how much toilet paper to buy, not to… Read More ›

20/20 Vision

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News “We are welcoming into our country hoards of invaders who worship a false god and whose goal is to rule over us if we comply, or kill us if we don’t. Our young… Read More ›