To tattoo, or not to tattoo, that is the conundrum

I vividly remember a close family friend telling me that I was disobeying God by getting a tattoo and because of its permanence, I was in a state of constant defiance. (This was after the tattoo was already there. What was I to do about it then, except take on the heavy cloak of guilt placed before me?)

He quoted scripture (from memory of course) to back up his “point” from which the core of his unsolicited advice originated.

I was 17 years old.

I proceeded to get several more tattoos…and piercings.

Recently I have been reading different views on this subject.

This is a great post about tattoos of all things. Written by Joy over at Even A Girl Like Me. This is an engaging article about others perceptions on tattooing. Joy also addresses the issue of sins, what if they visibly evident to others?

To finish reading this article please head over to Registered & Protected

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  1. I started writing a comment. Then it got a little out of hand. Finally I gave up and wrote a blog post on this subject. Here it is, originally written to go in this comment thread:

  2. Greg –
    Honestly, I’m astounded that this is even a topic of debate. I read Joy’s post and the comments there. And Clark’s post.
    I’ll repeat what I said to Joy, it’s no wonder folks are drawn to Jesus and not so much to Christians. We’re so quick to (mis)quote scripture ( very often, as in this case, mistranslated, out of context and O.T., ignoring to whom it was written).
    Back to a recent quote I used on TMG:
    “Well, let’s go on disagreeing, but don’t let us judge. What doesn’t suit us may suit possible converts of a different type. My model here is the behaviour of the congregation at a Russian Orthodox service, where some sit, some lie on their faces, some stand, some kneel, some walk about, and no one takes the slightest notice of what anyone else is doing. That is good sense, good manners and good Christianity. “Mind one’s own business” is a good rule in religion as in other things.” ~ C.S. Lewis

    I’m utterly dismayed (and no, I don’t have a tattoo which is entirely irrelevant).

  3. Greg,
    I am honored that you would share my work on your blog.
    Thank you, friend.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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