We are Living in the Final Days…is Jesus your Savior??

You really need to see this, the end is not that far off. Are you saved? Regardless of your stance on the tribulation, the end of all things is not that far away.

I personally believe many Believers are not aware of how soon this may happen. Assuredly those who do not believe have no idea. Many Believers deny the truth that is right in front of them, things are occurring at a fast pace in the world and in the heavens. We who speak the truth are accused of being fear mongers. There is no fear here, merely a serious warning…I hope all of you reading this know Jesus. If you do not, accept Him today! 

If you hear His voice, if you are on the fence…I implore you, heed His words, accept the invitation of the Holy Spirit today. You might not have another chance! Setting aside the tribulation and the End Times, accidents happen…here today gone tomorrow. You most likely know someone who unexpectedly passed, or you know of someone who knows that someone. The point is that many people think they have time…you do not in fact know this. Today may be your last day…are taking a chance with your eternal destination? Once you die…it is to late to change your position, upon your death…you will know Jesus IS real, He IS the Lord…only then it will be to late to accept Him as your Savior. Do it now while you still have time…please!

Please head over to Vine of Life News and read the article, then watch the video all the way through to the end…then decide for yourself. We (Vine of Life staff) are committed to getting the word out about the End Times and what is currently happening. We would see all people saved.

God Bless


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  1. Yes and come LORD Jesus, come!

  2. My Father believed the end was close and spent 20 years trying to convince others. He was ready to go! He passed very quickly from Mesothelioma at the age of 66. He was very fit and young before the asbestos reared its ugly head. He spent 2 decades always waiting, waiting for the end day, and now time has no meaning for him. Time has passed. I am comforted in knowing his next conscious moment was in the presence of our Saviour and Father! Amen! Be Ready!

  3. While we are on the subject Greg, I’ve come across some articles recently that have showed some pretty famous pastors who have tried to predict when Jesus is coming.. They interpreted some verses in the Scripture and came up with certain numbers and said that the Lord was coming back in this and so year. But of course, the Lord didn’t show up.

    I just wanted to share with anyone that might be reading this article that no one knows the day or the hour that Jesus is coming back. We better get right with him ASAP like you said 🙂

    Blessings Greg

    • Very true! I would myself be not at all surprised if things come to a head by 2019. I would NOT however present that as a prediction. More along the lines of be ready…for you do not now when He is coming, and the time is obviously short.

  4. We are one day closer.
    We don’t know WHEN He will come, but we know for a FACT that He IS coming, and everything points to His SOON coming.

    • Exactly, ONLY the Father knows for sure when Jesus is coming. But we know now more than ever to be ready. It is my prayer that many will awaken from their slumber…both nonbelievers, and Believers.


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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