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Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”  (Luke 18:27)

Can the impossible happen?  Short answer Yes – I know for a fact it can – I would have thought it was impossible for me to change – In fact I reckon I got to the stage where I didn’t want to change I was happy, or so I thought, with my life until BAM! God changed me – I can’t believe how I used to be.

Was I really like that and loving it?

When you read the Bible there are heaps of impossibilities happening – most of them mind blowing.

Although the biggest impossibilities happen in the lives of ordinary human beings I’d reckon – lives changed dramatically and permanently by the Spirit of God. Things that cannot be explained and quite frankly a bit hard to explain to the world at large out there.

Consider the case of Sarai who was to have her named changed to Sarah – an amazing lady of exceptional beauty, wealth, poise, self-assurance and grace.

Married to her half brother Abram (wouldn’t happen today) Sarai was wealthy in the eyes of the world – beauty and wealth couldn’t hide the fact that she was sad because she couldn’t have children.

She would have been well into her sixties by the time Abram was called by God to ‘go to the land flowing with milk and honey’ the promised land that was later to become the home of the ‘chosen’ people of God – Abram and Sarai’s descendants.

She was in her ‘golden years’ you could say and God had promised her a son – she is excited – she plans – she waits and waits and waits – still no son.

Decades pass so Sarai decides to take things into her own hands – after all it’s impossible now for her to conceive – she is well into her eighties! She convinces Abram that time has run out!  it’s impossible now. So she gives her maid Hagar to Abram and Hagar bears Ishmael and the rest is history.

We leap ahead fourteen long years, Ishmael has grown and he and his Mum are pretty entrenched into the family – Ishmael is Abram’s heir, Ishmael MUST be the promised child of God BUT…. God had other ideas.

The amazing and impossible happens – God pays them a visit and tells them to get ready for a baby bundle, start choosing boy’s names because this time next year you and Sarai will be bouncing a baby boy on your bony old knees! IMPOSSIBLE!

Sarai was 99 years old and Abram 100 –  impossible! – what do they do? – they laugh at the lunacy of it all. They laugh because it is just too good to be true and I guess they laugh because it JUST MIGHT happen!

Sarai laughed into her bony wrinkled hands her shoulders shaking with laughter at the very thought of bearing a child at her age. Hilarious on one hand, fear on the other, hilarity doubling her over turns to nervous giggles of apprehension at the very might and in the very presence of Creator God.

God works at accomplishing the absurd, the impossible, the unbelievable and sure enough by the time the year is ended, Sarai and Abram are changed forever – God even changed their names to Sarah (Mother) and Abraham (The Father of a multitude).

Their names aren’t the only things God changed in that miraculous year, He changed their minds, their faith and how they looked at the impossible. He also changed Sarah’s definition of trust in God – She trusted Him from then on – In His time not hers.

We so easily jump ahead of God – we tire of waiting on Him – how many times have we taken things into our own hands just like Sarai did those thousands of years ago, often with disastrous consequences.

Yes our God is a God of miracles – a God of the impossible. We can read about them all scattered throughout the Bible – from Sarai to Paul’s amazing and impossible conversion.

What is impossible for man is possible only through God – He needs our complete surrender. All around us in this world is sin, sorrow, war and problems all of which are Satan’s domain – BUT God is the God of the impossible – He is still on His throne, doing the impossible, changing people’s lives and changing them for good.


If we surrender to God completely then like Abraham and Sarah we will become strong in faith, giving glory to God, because we trust in His amazing and often impossible ways.


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  1. Waiting for God’s timing in our lives is one of the hardest things we have to do. It is often hard to understand why things don’t happen the way we want them to or the way we (in our wisdom) think they should. Patience is indeed a great virtue, but it is hard to cast a stone at Sarah for doubting she would have a baby at her age! For all her attributes, she was human after all. We humans have a hard time because we don’t see things through God’s lens. Thanks for this post!

  2. I am one of those He has changed and all the glory is His.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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