…But I'm still asking why.

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WHY? Good question.
Why does a lot of things happen when they are not supposed to – it’s a question that often doesn’t get answered I’m afraid.
When we look at the world stage and what is happening it makes our hearts just about burst with anxiousness and hurt for others – the terror and horror that is unfolding before us can make our heads spin.
Man’s inhumanity to man seemingly has no bounds and then there is sickness as well.
Illness and even death in our families can leave us asking the inevitable question of WHY?
Just recently our No 2 Grandblessing was extremely ill – rushed off to hospital in the early hours, she needed immediate but comparatively minor surgery to alleviate the acute pain.
The pain scale was off the chart and she being the brave little soldier that she is sucked it in  and got on with the job of coping as best she could – until the pain got so unbearable she could take no more.
Being Grandparents in this situation, I can reassure you, is probably the hardest thing I have even had to do or witness. We immediately went to prayer, the hours wore on – We prayed through the night as the hours dragged.
The hospital staff, being at the start of the weekend, could do little – the minor surgery needed to alleviate the immediate pain could not be undertaken as it was the weekend – told to come back on Monday – she was given a small amount of pain relief and sent home in agony.
The next two days saw the pain level reach to crisis point as she struggled to cope. Copious amounts of phone calls attempting to reach doctors, specialists or anyone that would even listen went unheeded. There was nothing Anyone could do until the weekend was over – we were divested watching our little one go through this agonising time.
Through that weekend and watching her suffer so much – my question of WHY?? seemed also to go unanswered.Why didn’t our Lord do anything to help us?
The two words that kept coming back to me was PATIENCE and TRUST.
BUT…. I didn’t want patience I wanted ACTION and with a capital “A”.
All over the Bible there is story after story of God’s people suffering trials and tribulations – some of them got angry at God – others despaired – others whinged and gave up.
What we have to remember here is this – that all of us get to decide just how we are going to react when adversity, trials and tribulation come our way – we can easily become impatient and throw in the towel or we can depend on God that He will indeed answer but in His time.
Sometimes it feels like our hopes and  dreams are never going to be fulfilled. We had to wait over what seemed a very long weekend – some folk have to wait years and years and still their dreams seemingly never come to fruition.
Sometimes it’s hard to understand why God doesn’t allow things to happen straight away. My impatient attitude always seems to get in  the way and I find myself often despondent especially when I see my loved ones suffering.
What we need to do is to realise that whatever the issue we are facing we first need to bring it to Him in prayer.
We then need to trust Him. God has plans for your life. He knows everything about you.
We have to learn to be patient and wait on the Lord: His timing is perfect and he WILL answer us BUT in His time.
His answer to us may seem a long time in coming but every gift from God is worth waiting for.
Be encouraged: Wait patiently (not impatiently like me) trust in God and He will work things out.
God is so perfect and so is his timing – trust in Him to do what is right and good in your life.
I am reminded of a song by Melissa Greene called ‘Jody’s Song’ – well worth the listen. Took me by surprise but pretty much spelt out how I was feeling.
BIG blessings to you all and may God’s timing be perfect in your life as in mine.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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