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Common Stones Book Review

Author Alicia Smith’s book Common Stones is anything but common and is so much more than just another story. Within these pages you will find inspiring true stories, from even more inspiring real people.

Common Stones begins with the author’s own story; Alicia’s story of coping with deep heart rending pain from the loss of one of the greatest men in her life: her father.

As I read this book I almost felt like I was there within the individual stories. After Alicia shares an honest, deep, and very moving glimpse into her own life, she shares other equally powerful glimpses into several other people’s lives. These incredible true stories of overcoming deep pain both in the physical sense and the emotional are inspiring. Stories of overcoming steep odds and the power of God to move mountains in our lives if we will simply let Him.

I was saddened by what these different people experienced, yet blessed and inspired through these precious shared moments. These are more than stories, they are lives changed for the better by their individual experiences.

Through the author Alicia Smith’s own painful experience was born this book. As you read and absorb the different events brought about by life as it happened to each person in this book – you cannot help but come away with an important realization. It is not the pain, nor the negative circumstance that matters in the end – it is what you choose to do with these things that really matters.

I recommend this book to anyone of any age – you are never to old or to young to be inspired and touched by grace.

Greg Holt 11/12/14

Christian blogger

Editor: Inspirational Christian Blogs, The Olive Branch Report

Common Stones is an inspirational book including true stories about survival. Author Alicia M. Smith sought to bridge the gap between each of us—between our experiences and circumstances. Are there common stepping stones we could share to provide guidance for others who are struggling? What we wouldn’t give to sit down with survivors of extraordinary trials and absorb their wisdom. Alicia did! She interviewed six individuals, digging deep into their personal stories of struggle, pain, and triumph, then writing these testimonies in their words, from their vantage points. The outcome of this experience cannot be overlooked or understated. It must be shared.

“The essays themselves are tightly paced and engaging….Inspirational without being patronizing; a well organized collection.” -Kirkus Reviews

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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