Arm Yourselves


“Fools. Oh how those who turn away and those whose hearts are made of stone, what fools they are! My people shall not perish! They are of Me and Mine and no devil in hell can change that for once they are Mine I hold them in My right hand.

Your leaders are worthless in the sight of God for they plot against My chosen ones. They shall not prevail! Hypocrites, all of them. Their hearts are stone and their mouths speak foolishness.

I Am the I Am and My power will prevail. Their gods can speak and cry and whine like babies but the jackals wait. Destruction shall come fiercely to any nation who goes against My commands. Any who laugh at My power shall bear the consequences.

Arm yourselves My loved ones for the time is near that My anger shall spill over as a waterfall over a cliff…”

Given by the Holy Spirit in its entirety 6-6-09

Scriptural references: Jn. 3:14, 16

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