For the Trumpet Sound is Near


“Tears shall fall, sobs shall be heard as a trumpet blare across the land. All who seek His Majesty shall bow in joy yet those who turn from Him shall not stop the tears of fear and regret. Sobs of sorrow for their loved ones lost. The pain and sorrow shall have no end for by His decree all shall die whose heart is dark with sin.
Lift your voices, shout with glee for the trumpet sound is near. Bend your knees, bow your heads for your King reigns. Look not to others for your salvation for their blood only drains their veins. It is the blood of the Most Holy One that will cleanse your sins away.
Reach out O’ children of the most High God. Capture His grace as a butterfly caught in a net. Let His beauty rise freeing it to spread its wings and reach the far ends of the earth. His glory will shine as a bright summer day. His grace covers the land. All who follow Him shall reach the skies turning their hearts to all that is Him.
Beware O’ nations for your downfall is near. Your deeds shall bring you to your end. Acts of violence against My people will be rewarded with death.
Those who think they are so wise, who turn against the ones I love, shall pay a price like no other for My wrath is not light, is not as feathers floating across the sky. It shall be a storm of all proportions. You shall see only the blast of My fury. It will be too late for your redemption for I shall not change My mind.
Take heed you leaders of the nations, sit on high as a king but your honor, your glory is but sand along the beaches. The tide will wash it away leaving only the dross of what is left behind.
Speak you people of the land. Your voices shall be heard. Let heavens gates swing wide opening to the sound of praise. Sing O’ people of the Most High God so your voices are heard across the land. Clap your hands loud and clear for the enemy despises voices of praise. It shall send shock waves to hell and back leaving the ears of the enemy in pain.
Call out to God for He hears your prayers, “Save our land O’ Lord. Save your people, O’ Mighty One.” With your hearts filled with love stretch out your hands and give hope and comfort to those who need it. Let My comfort reach them through you for it is My touch that calms. Leave not those who falter to fend on their own. Guide them to the Shepard and let Him bring them into His fold.
Reach out O’ children of the Most High God. Wipe the tears, silence the sobs, for sorrow come from within. Help heal the hearts of those so lost, lift them out of their dungeon of hurt and pain. Let your heart touch theirs for it is your heart that is My heart and My heart cries for the wounded.
Bring them to Me and I will touch their heart. The sorrow shall leave, the tears dried for My hand shall heal them as balm on an open scab.
Leave them in My arms, My grace shall cover them and lead them along the path where only love walks hand in hand with those whose hearts are Mine.
My peace I leave with you.”
Given by the Holy Spirit 12-15-06
Scripture ref’s: Zeph. 3:13 – Mt. 8:12, 24:51 – Zech. 9:9 – Ps. 47:1 – Is. 42:11-12, 55:12, 51:11, 47:1-4 – Rev. 21:4

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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