Two left feet? Keep on dancing

Listening just recently to the Aussie group “For King and Country”, I was again hit by the magnitude of what following Jesus and indeed Christianity is all about. Loved their song LONG LIVE and listening, was taken again on just how important it is to keep on following and pressing on toward the goal that was given to us when we became one with Christ.
I have included the link to their song and I guess you will work out for yourselves exactly what I mean. In short, what I took out of that song is just keep pressing on with Jesus.
No matter what is happening in our lives we can still be followers of Jesus and praising His name through the most horrendous times in our lives. This is something, as Christians, we can do to keep in touch with our Lord and Saviouradult-1869621__340
When those dreams of ours come crashing down and we feel we are really up against it and our hopes for the future are shattered by some unexpected turn of events we can, so often, be ready to just throw in the towel and give up.
Often in times like this our faith is tested beyond what we even thought possible. It is then that we may stop praising God and stop worshipping with other believers. We can exclude ourselves and get to the point of believing that we are not worthy or that God doesn’t care about our own personal situations.
In the Bible in Hosea 6:3 he implores us to do just this – I love the way the New English version says it.
“Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us PRESS ON to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.”
YES! He does know, he does understand and he pleads with us to just keep going ~ through our doubts, through our trials, through our uncertainty and through our grief.
Appearances can be deceiving. Have you ever seen the morning fog hanging low in a valley? It may look impressive, but in a few hours in the sun, will make it completely disappear.
The same can sometimes be true for us. It’s easy to appear devoted to God on Sundays, but what happens during the rest of the week when we face temptations, doubts and struggles?
Do we fade away like the fog or will we have the encouragement and support of Christian friends? We actually should start being that kind of friend to others and we may find the reciprocal support we are indeed looking for ourselves.
Often we do need a great big dose of courage and boldness to keep following Jesus – He himself said it wasn’t going to be easy following after Him. We need to count the cost of our discipleship before we embark on the journey of our lifetime. YES! Often it will cost us perseverance and energy, dignity and even stubbornness to keep following our Lord, but with Jesus as our example we can do this.
When Stephen was being stoned to death for his faith in Christ, what did he do? He looked to heaven – he didn’t backpedal, throw his hands in the air and plead innocence. I’m sure he could have and walked away without a scratch.  He didn’t try to soften the blow that was coming.
Stephen looked beyond his immediate circumstances to what lay ahead. That’s what gave him courage to endure.
When our moment of truth comes, when the waves that crash upon us are SO HUGE that we really can’t see how we could possibly get over this one, will we be able to face it with the courage and faithfulness of Stephen?
img010 (2)Recently a dear friend of mine passed away with Motor Neurone Disease. Better known in some countries as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. David was such a great friend, his faith was amazing and he never gave up. he faced his death boldly and courageously knowing that he was in the safe hands of the Father.
He wrote a book of his journey through MND called COMING TO LIFE. At the time of writing he could barely move and wrote most of it with his left ring finger, the only one that would work with some dexterity, pounding away at his computer. I was so privileged to be part of his life through his journey and I learnt so much of what it actually MEANT to REALLY follow Christ.
He, like so many others, faced his problems with boldness and courage. Sure he had his doubts, his tribulations and his failings but he PRESSED on with his Lord and Jesus never left his side through it all.
Along with the title of his book, he included that this “was a journey of emotional and spiritual awakening through terminal illness.” David faced his trial and pressed on with his Lord. Maybe he stumbled and fell many times BUT he kept going. Like Stephen he saw the goal and he was striven hard to make it to the finish line.
So where does that leave us? I titled this blog as TWO LEFT FEET? KEEP ON DANCING. That’s exactly how we should be travelling with God – even though we may often think we are overwhelmed by life and we couldn’t possibly go on – we can! Even with our two left feet we can still dance and keep pressing on to the conclusion holding tightly onto Jesus our Lord and God.
Here is the link performed by fellow Aussies  FOR KING AND COUNTRY called Long Live – hope and trust it touches your heart as it did mine.
God bless you this week as you press on with Jesus.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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