The Hero of Harlem – The Subway Superman

Wesley Autrey the Hero of Harlem – The 2007 Subway Superman – What brought this guy to be included in the list of 100 men and women whose power or moral example transformed the world?subway_hero
That year was extra special for Wesley:-
This was written by Donald Trump in 2007 and I quote:-
“Autrey, 51, was waiting for the subway in New York when a young man suffered a seizure and fell onto the tracks. A train was coming into the station, and Autrey knew the man would be killed, so he quickly jumped onto the tracks and covered the man with his body.

Autrey does construction work, and he has good instincts about confined spaces. He realised there might be a chance of survival if he could keep the man still until the train passed.

It passed over them with inches to spare, so close that there was grease on Autrey’s cap from the train.

I have great respect for construction workers and Wesley Autrey is a great example of why I do. They work hard, and every day requires courage. Autrey automatically became an influential person by merit of his extraordinary bravery, which I hope will encourage and inspire other people to follow his example.”
WOW!! What a story – when I was reading about Wesley’s act of bravery I was gobsmacked to say the least – It really made me wonder if I would even think of doing such a thing in such a split second?
I am awestruck by that man’s courage and bravery in saving the life of 20 year-old film student  Cameron Hellopeter.
When I had time to digest exactly what Wesley had done my mind traveled to another Hero – a Spiritual Hero – A hero of mighty proportions – A Hero of incredible fortitude and courage and a Hero who not only was prepared to lay down His life for one man but willingly laid down His life for all of us.
Yes! you guessed it – Our Lord and Saviour – JESUS the Christ.
The moral courage of Jesus is beyond words – more than mortal man can ever express – His bravery and love for mankind is above and beyond anything that has gone before and will ever be seen in the future.
On the night Jesus was handed over to be crucified, he knew what lay ahead of him and He knew what the Garden of Gethsemane held for him – a band of brutal soldiers – a so-called friend and colleague plotting his downfall for mere monetary gain – A hostile throng of people – He knew what was coming.
He could have escaped while the going was good – He could have hidden anywhere – I’m positive without the slightest doubt that the rest of his disciples would have assisted him if he had confided in them.
He could have been taken straight to Heaven right in front of the soldiers eyes or he could have asked His father for a band of mighty warrior angels to surround and protect Him. – He was the Son of God after all!
Those angels could have carried Him away or struck them all dead in an instant but NO! He knew what the Father had sent Him to earth for – he was our Warrior Prince of Peace, The MIGHTY King of Kings – His courage to stand alone and accept what was inevitable for Him is so awe-inspiring it blows me away.
Jesus stayed in that garden – in the place where He knew he would be arrested – He calmly let the soldiers man-handle him to Pilot and thence to the crowd – whipped beaten, mocked, scorned and finally nailed to a cross to die a criminals death and all for what??
Jesus. the one they sought in the garden that night, willingly gave himself over to be crucified to save us from our sins and often our very dreaded past.
Jesus paid OUR penalties for us – Jesus, the sinless one, offered Himself to die instead of us. He paid the price for your sins and mine that night – He could have easily come down from that cross and I daresay what a HUGE surprise they would have all got had he done so. But NO! he stayed where He was to pay that price for you and me – WHAT LOVE IS THAT!
So what  truths can we take away with us today from such bravery and courage of Jesus?
Jesus died for the ungodly, for the unloved, for the sinners and yes! even for enemies – He prayed for them as they mocked him as they drove those nails into his hands and feet.
Jesus’death paid for your sins – He died in your place assuring you of a place in heaven for eternity with Him but only if you turn to Him and ask Him to lead your life – if you focus on Him and trust Him with all of your heart – not just sometimes but all the time.
Jesus took the wrath of God on Himself and willingly gave up His life for you and me. Peter writes in 1 Peter 2: 24 “Jesus Himself bore our sin in his body on the tree that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed”.
What amazing love was this? What incredible courage and bravery especially given that He didn’t have to do it!
So what are you going to do with Jesus? – He gave all for you – there is a song from way way back called just this WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH JESUS? – my dear friend Felicia from Lubbock Texas encourages me to put a song on my blog so here goes. Here is the link.
I love the ending of this song that my 16 year old sister used to sing such a long time ago now – but the last stanza says “One day your heart will be asking – What will he do with me?”
It’s such a good question – What will God do with us if we haven’t given Him our hearts?
Jesus died for you – that should be enough!
God bless you this week as you contemplate exactly what Jesus did and why – Like Wesley there are many many heroes – putting their own lives at risk to save others.
Hand your life over to Jesus today and put yourself in the loving hands of the greatest hero of all time

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  1. “He could have been taken straight to Heaven right in front of the soldiers eyes or he could have asked His father for a band of mighty warrior angels to surround and protect Him. – He was the Son of God after all!”
    Jesus was The Greatest Hero, no doubt, and He continues to be. When He lives within us, through His Spirit, we are capable of such heroism, ourselves (John 14.12). We are, with Him, Sons of God!

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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