Giving God Praise And Glory

One of the things that kills some churches is that when God starts working, people start taking credit for it. When we start taking credit for what God is doing through His church, then the blessings stop.
The same is true in witnessing. I hear people say, “Well, I know that I don’t talk about Jesus to other people. I just want people to see my life. And I pray that by seeing my life that they will want to be saved.”
Come up close and I will tell you something. They are not saved by your life, they are saved by His death. And if you live the life without giving Him the glory, you are taking praise under false pretenses.
God will not share His glory with another. We need to be giving God the praise and glory for what He is doing. The only thing we have any right to ask anybody to believe is that which cannot be explained apart from Him.
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  1. Oh, my! Good one! It comes back to obedience and believing. If/when God prompts you to speak, then the words must come out.

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